Al Gore calls Sandy a ‘disturbing sign of things to come,’ urges climate ac

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by snerd, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Global Warning (oops, I mean "Climate Change") has been very, very good to Al Gore!

  2. What about when the same conditions occured in the 1950's for several years and then the storms switched to the west coast? It is a cycle bigger than, and not effected by man folks. we're just critters not gods.
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    What an opportunist !

    Rains ?: "Give Me Money"

    Sunny ?: "Give Me Money"

    Hot ?: "Give Me Money"

    Cold ?: "Give Me Money"

    Etc Etc ....


  4. Not that it took even the remotest bit of precognition, but here's what I posted on another thread:

    Okay, so I added the "Bush's fault" angle -- but it's coming... Just watch...[​IMG]

  5. Lockback

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    Every time that disturbed clown opens up his yap, I'm even happier I didn't vote for him.
  6. sheriff733

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    Somebody fell asleep watching "The Day After Tomorrow."


    Sent with Probably Cause and Irrisputable Proof.

  7. I saw that, and yup. Algore could have saved all of us Manbearpigs if we had only listened.

    "Hare Hare, Hare algore, hare hare"

    coming to an airport near you. (In environmentally friendly green Saris of course)
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    Lookup the hurricanes of the mid 1950s. Many followed same pattern as Sandy, and for the same reason: Warm Atlantic, cold Pacific.

    Al Gore is such a flaming idiot. Anything to hype his stupid Global Warming crap. I knew this was coming...
  9. gwalchmai

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    Algore was probably thinking about this Sandy...

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  10. What's disturbing is trying to blame all random events on a specific cause.
  11. AlGore gots the climate, Al Sharpton gots racism.


    Actually, I sometimes think AlGore is doing the world a favor separating fools from their $$$. :cool:
  12. Ruble Noon

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    If obama had delivered on his promise to lower the sea levels Sandy would not have been near the disaster that she was.
  13. sheriff733

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    And if Bush would just quit playing with his gat' danged disaster creator machine, it REALLY wouldn't have happened.

    Sent with Probably Cause and Irrisputable Proof.

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy


    Spot on !
  15. Scary to think how close AlGore came to being POTUS.
  16. Dude is eating well it appears.
  17. romney purposely steered the hurricane directly towards blue states in order to swing the election in his favor....AND HE HATES POOR PEOPLE AND PUPPIES
  18. Even more scary is that there are some who still cry about the election being stolen from Gore.
  19. gwalchmai

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    Obama loves puppies - with mint jelly.

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