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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by spcwes, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Wanted to get a bit more info about the different brands and demographics on the models and which of the different options might be the best built.

    I have had an AK in the past and never paid much attention to it always preferring a AR and always having one. Just picked up an WARS Rom AK for a decent price (well nowadays anyway) and its not a smooth rifle but looks like everything is in working order.


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  3. You mean a Romanian WASR-10 or 10/63?

    Basically a crude single stack AK wallowed out to accept high cap mags.

    That said, I have one and it goes bang every time. If it tells you anything, I "broke it in" by cleaning out all the cosmoline with Brake-Kleen, running it without lube until it started slowing down, then cleaning/lubing it. Runs fine.

  4. Yes it's a Romanian WASR 10/63. It is not a bad looking rifle and have not shot it yet. Got a sight pusher on the way to fix the front sight up.

    I had several projects I was going to work on this year with a small collection of AK rifles being one of them I wanted to get a couple stock ones just to have and a couple that I put a lot of addons to play with.

    I am sure it will be much harder and more expensive to do but I am still going to try and get some of them done this year. Mags still seem to be the hardest thing at the moment but I am still working on that as well.

    I just wanted to get a few of them purchased this year and try to keep costs around 1k or less per. I wanted to know since I am kind of new to the AK builds if there are models I should consider first.

    The heritage of the weapons is not really that important to me but function and in a couple of my selections cases the fit and finish of aftermarket items will be. None of my collection will ever be for wall hanging they will be used and used a lot. Just wanted all the opinions I could get. Thanks in advance!
  5. Get a Valmet and never look back. And when you realize thats impossible, get a Galil.
  6. Where is a good place to shop for them and what models seem to be in stock the most?
  7. Sorry SPCWES, I was trying to throw a little humor into the mix. Valmets were solid forged AK-47s chambered in 223 and 308 made in Finland and are considered the Rolls-Royces of the Ak47 world. Galils fall in step with the Valmets, and both are very hard to come across unless you have a LOT of money. I 'inherited' my fathers Galil and it is becoming a safe 'King' and only take it out on special occasions.

    As for good brands of Aks, pre-ban Hungarian, Yugoslavian, Egyptian, etc were some of the better made AK variants. As Tippyman said earlier, if your gun goes bang everytime, then its good. Most AKs are made out of sheet metal and have burs etc in their metal. They never were intended to be a wall ornament. :)
    Best of wishes with you and your WASR
  8. Thanks budette, much appreciated! Some reason I have gotten really interested in Aks lol. Looking forward to playing with them and got several officers that have them in my area.

    Edited to add: Showed some respect for the lady!
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  9. That is 'Budette' to you. And I appreciate your service to your community :)

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