AK Builder AKM Rivet Set

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  1. AK Builder AKM Rivet Set

    You can't find more complete rivet sets with the different sizes of rivets with the correct style heads anywhere. All rivets have been black oxide coated

    AKM with solid rear trunnion
    Romanian Fixed Stock
    AK47 using Azex Pistol Trunnion
    Romanian Side Folder
    Romanian Underfolder
    Hungarian AMD 65
    Hungarian AMD 63


    A- Long Swell Neck For Rear Trunnion or Yugo/RPK Front Trunnion
    B- Upper Front Trunnion or Pistol Grip Mount Rivet for Yugo M70 Fixed Stock (M70 Underfolders use standard length rivets on all three pistol grip mount holes)
    C- Short Swell Neck for Front Trunnion or Rear Trunnion (countersunk holes use swell neck rivets)
    D- Short Non-Swell Rivet for Flat Front Trunnion Holes, Front Four Rivets on Trigger Guard, Rear Rivet on Trigger Guard if using reinforcement plate and pistol grip mounts on Yugo's.
    E- Shortest Rivet for Rear of Trigger Guard on Non-Yugo's or when not using a reinforcement plate.



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