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  1. Ok, I was doing some general maintenance on my AK-47 and cleaning it when I removed the Muzzle Accessory. I pressed the pin down to hold it and noticed that the pin stayed down (5th picture, Green arrow) and didn't come back up. I was wandering if anyone had a reason why this is doing that and how to get the pin to come back up without messing up the finishing on the rifle or doing permanent damage. I was thinking that the forward pins (5th picture, Red arrow) on the side may be able to be punched out and release the pin, however I am unable to get that pin to budge either. I'm attaching a couple pictures. I hope you can see and/or understand what I'm talking about. Thank you all in advance!

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  3. It has probably gotten carbon built up in there.

    You might try spraying the pin with something like Kroil or a carbon dissolving chemical, and then try to work it loose.

  4. Should I spray both pins or just the one that's stuck down?
  5. Put the compensator end back on with the notch aligned to the pin.

    Stick the muzzle in a pot of hot boiling water.

    Take a spoon or butter knife and tap it a couple times, after the comp is back on. It may just pop out.
  6. The spring loaded pin is stuck with some sort of debris. The hot water may work, some sort of solvent may work.

    Basically you need to work on getting the spring loaded pin to move.
    Feel free to smack the **** out of the sight block as suggested to loosen it up. You aren't going to hurt it, it's not a 1911.
    Oh, and you want the muzzle unsupported so it can "ring". The idea is to vibrate the pin to loosen it.

    Put some masking tape over it if you are worried about the "finish". :crying:

    Sorry, I have a bunch of these (mostly built by Jim Fuller at Rifle Dynamics) and I treat them all like "Biker Chicks" rather than "Prom Queens".
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