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Air rifle experts????

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Doc McGlock, May 13, 2013.

  1. Doc McGlock

    Doc McGlock

    Nov 27, 2012
    San Antonio, Tx
    I'm looking for something I can shoot in my back yard. I live on an acre and a half in the city and have small pesky varmints digging my plants up. I've looked at break barrels, but they seem to be a PITA having to cock and load with each shot. I'm also a half an hour from the nearest range and would love to plink in my backyard everyday. I have lots of room away from neighbors.

    Was looking at Gamo whisper's..... I'm spoiled with semi autos!

    I am not sure where to post this thread and figured I'd start here. If any of you have any knowledge and experience, I'd greatly appreciate some direction and or links as to where to start.

    BB vs .177 .22, CO2, pump, brands, scopes...etc! Any info will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Mods, feel free to move if necessary.
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  2. Cole125

    Cole125 Silver Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    Far West, USA
    Get a break barrel spring piston pellet rifle. RWS model 34 is a solid rifle if your on a budget, Beeman R9 if you want to spend a little and get a nice one.

  3. Doc McGlock

    Doc McGlock

    Nov 27, 2012
    San Antonio, Tx
    Whoops, double post.
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  4. Doc McGlock

    Doc McGlock

    Nov 27, 2012
    San Antonio, Tx
    Cole, thanks!

    Money is not as critical as convenience. I don't wish to spend a fortune but would like go see if there is anything other than single shot recock, reload then fire?

    If not then what is the next option? What do you think of IGT inert gas technology. Seems like it would give a more consistent round?

    I've watched a to of YouTube videos and the break barrel seems to be a lot of work.
  5. GlocksterJeff

    GlocksterJeff Glock Armorer

    Jun 29, 2003
    'Sunny' Oregon
    Hey Doc, One thing to check out before you shoot your air rifle outdoors in a city: lots of cities have ordinances against it. I know, doesn't make a lot of sense, but how many gun "safety" laws ever do?
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  6. Highspeedlane

    Highspeedlane NRA Life Member

    Jan 25, 2008
    New England
    I second the recommendation on the RWS Model 34. I have one in .22 cal

    Break barrel spring piston rifles offer a consistent and accurate platform, however, be aware that the hyper velocity models that are rated to propel pellets above the speed of sound will crack like you're shooting a .22lr and could attract potentially unwarranted negative attention in your environment.

    I have a Beeman .22 that was advertised to deliver 1100 fps. Actual chronographed velocities were closer to the 980 fps mark with the pellets I chose but it sounds like I'm shooting the powder propelled variety.

    My RWS M34 is closer to 750 fps and is nice and subtle.
  7. I agree on the RWS 34 or 350 mag. Keep in mind, air guns are like anything else. The better ones are made in Germany or England.

    As for you situation, one shot is a personal preference. I like to hunt with my RWS Diana. It can take small game easily. The are highly accurate too with or with scope. But the best thing is there is no ammo shortage!

    I personally don't like PCP since it takes a lot to air them, btw.
  8. If you think cocking to gun between shots is a pain, your best bet is a PCP gun.

    But they are pricey.

    If money is no object, get an Anschutz 8002 Field Target.

    posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.
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  9. Bob Hafler

    Bob Hafler

    Sep 13, 2011
    I picked up the Gamo Bone collector (1,300 FPS) a couple weeks ago. Yes it is a break barrel, but the price was not to bad ($188) and I have no doubt it will take care of most critters that are giving me problems. I also bought a Crossman 1377 (600fps) pump pistol for the close up work.
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  10. China boy

    China boy

    Feb 2, 2013
    Check the Crosman website. The PCP guns are good for hunting and have some have multishot components. Look up the marauder. It's a cool looking gun.
  11. SigFTW


    Nov 4, 2010
    The only option I see is for a CO2 type rifle. I know Crosman makes one with a wheel in a clip that allows 12 shots.

    RepeatAir 1077 (.177)

    I have one and it's been a great shooter.
  12. Bilrus61


    Jan 1, 2012
    .177 for feathers and .22 for fur. Get the German stuff. Beeman R9. I use a HW50S .177. Its good up to squirrels/rabbits. Wouldn't try a groundhog with it. .177 is cheaper and some think more accurate and balanced in a airgun. Flatter shooting too. Don't be fooled by outragous velocity claims by the lower tier air gun companies. For what your wanting you just can't beat a R9 break barrel in .22 The more power a spring piston puts out the harder it is on the scope and the harder it is to get a accurate shot out of it. Hold sinsitivity its call.

    On the PCP biz some like them some don't. You'll need a $$$ air pump, and they seem they are allways leaking air. Also when you put lots of humid air into a tube the water starts to slosh around. So you then get a $cuba tank and find a place to buy clean dry air at dive shops or fire houses. In the end you'll sell all that and just keep a R9.
  13. snatiep


    Dec 23, 2011
    I've got both the RWS 34 and the RWS 350 magnum.

    The 34 would be perfect for the Op's situation. Great for pest and paper!
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  14. RWBlue


    Jan 24, 2004
    Check your laws.

    There are three types of air rifles.
    Springer, RSWs, has a twang when you shoot it.
    Pressure pump, Benjamen Sheridan. Works your body to take multiple shots.
    PSP, scuba tank. Career II 707. You will need to get a scuba tank. It will cost a good bit more.

    If you want to kill something with an airgun, size matters much more than speed. I settled on 22 because I couldn't go larger without paying big bucks and I couldn't get them in all three flavors.

    Supersonic rounds make a crack.
  15. Ceapea


    Apr 12, 2010
    Here in Michigan, airguns are considered firearms! :crying:
    Firing a airgun in the city is like firing a pistol. This will get you in trouble real quick, if a neighbor reports you.
    The definition changed several years ago. You need a pistol
    purchase permit to get one. Rifles and pistols, if bought on line, must go through an FFL too. :steamed:
    I used to buy nice Beeman and RWS rifles from Cabela's and Gander Mountain all the time. Before either were in the state, back when they were only "catalog stores" for us, here in the Great Lakes State. Shipped right to the front porch, there waiting, when you got home. Now, not so much...
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  16. I recommend a break barrel or side cocker spring powered airrifle. They are cheap to operate and usually little goes wrong with them.

    If you want a magazine, try the IZH 61.
  17. Benton


    Dec 6, 2003
    Elkhart, Indiana
    +1 on the above recomendation.
  18. Benton


    Dec 6, 2003
    Elkhart, Indiana
    Try the CCI Quiet-22 in .22lr.
    They are supposed to be 75% quieter than a typical .22lr.
    Muzzle velocity is 710 FPS.
    Most likely wont cycle an automatic action but will work fine in a pump, lever action, and of course a single shot.
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  19. Doc McGlock

    Doc McGlock

    Nov 27, 2012
    San Antonio, Tx
    Wow, folks,! I am now overwhelmed! Who would have thought this topic so complicated? As much as the Beeman R9 is beautiful, I just can't justify:embarassed: spending upwards of $600 for an air rifle?

    I have read nothing but trouble around Gamo Whisper line with scope problems and PCP seem to be a bit of over kill. (Pardon the pun!) and costs!

    Then the battle over .177 vs .22, noise, barrel droop, good bad great, best ammo.......?

    Is it me being stupid or is it really this difficult? Why does the saying about opinions come to mind? Maybe I should first thank all of you for your input. I really do respect this forum's opinions above all of the rest of the Internet!

    However, it seems that buying a backyard practice, in between range time filler, can piercing, target blasting and don't tell my lady,........ squirrel violators digging my plants up, moving targets, has become a near impossible task.

    I've done my primal scream! Maybe I can now refine my original post. Thanks guys! I really do appreciate your input.

    Under $ 300-350
    No longer multi-shot
    Break-barrel OK
    Scope preferable
    Gas piston preferred
    No sloppy triggers
    Relative accuracy
    Fun to shoot
    Quiet would be great! I've got lots of room but really don't want to PO any neighbor.

    Any takers?......... Thanks in advance!

  20. JimBianchi

    JimBianchi Da Da CLM

    Feb 15, 2006
    Las Vegas
    Widely consider to be the worst airgun ever made.