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Air Gun Hunting in CA... Question.

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by hardeyes, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. hardeyes


    Jun 30, 2003

    I have a question, I am going Air Gun Hunting (for Jackrabbits). I have all my gear, license's, etc. But would like to know if I can carry a Handgun ( for S.D. Purpose's ).

    Would I be breaking the (California Law) if I carry a loaded S&W (44mag) in a shoulder holster. I would not be shooting any game with it).

    I am wondering about this, I do not want to break any laws, and would like to take my child on a good hunt without running into any problems. INFO PLEASE. thanks, Hardeyes.
  2. commander


    Jul 19, 2000
    Ca., USA
    Yes, you can carry (exposed) a pistol while hunting, depending on where you are at. LA County for instance does not allow rifles or handguns to be used on rabbit. Check with local L/E for any restrictions and closed areas. Also, depending on what animal you are "hunting" with a pistol/revolver, it has to be the proper barrel length (>4") and you need to have the proper ammunition (soft-nose or expansing).

    See if this helps.

    As for carrying a handgun for self-defense while engaged in hunting or fishing or at camp, you should be OK provided you are not in a prohibited place. Private land (with landowner's permission), BLM and National Forest lands are generally OK. Again, some counties have restrictions. Check with local authorities.