Aimpoint Comp M3 w/ LaRue Tactical QD Mount Sale

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  1. I bought a Aimpoint Comp M3 w/ LaRue Tactical QD Cantelever LT129 Mount awhile back and I took it out once and I never went out with it again. It's pretty much new out of box. It's been mounted, but it just sits on a gun that I shot once and never again. So It's been a year or so now and I never shoot the gun, so this Aimpoint is just wasted.

    I just bought an expensive projector and now I'm looking to offload this Aimpoint and mount for sale.

    I've got the original box, etc for it and everything. I'm not looking to sell through eBay as the fee is exuberant, but I do need buyer / seller protection so I'd like to set the transaction through Paypal where I list the item and send out an invoice. This way everyone is projected.

    I'd say $490 and I'll even throw in a brand new Mag Pull Magazine.

    I bought a AR15 back when Obama got into Office just because I thought there was going to be a ban on black rifles. I can't afford to shoot the thing so it's been sitting here with an expensive sight mounted on it. So I need the money on stuff I'm actually going to use.

    Let me know if your interested. I will send you high res photos, video or whatever you want on the items.

    Thank you.
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  3. How you try 2 things first?

    1. Post this in the classifieds section.
    2. Learn how to spell.

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