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  1. Whats your thoughts on aftermarket handgun mags.
    Are eagle mags any good?
    I have read hit and miss on promags.
    Any one should stay away from? Which ones would be ok for range use? I would not use anything other than factory or meg-gar for carry use.
    thanks again
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    Promag =People Remember Our Mags Are Garbage

    Mec-gar is one of the best aftermarket manufacturers.

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    Never heard of Eagle mags. Avoid Promag like the plague, most shops around here dont even sell them cause they suck so bad, even for range only use.

    Mecgars are great, especially for Sig and Beretta. Wilson and McCormick are good for 1911's and McCormick makes a decent mag for the P220.

    There are more junk mags than good ones out there IMO.
  5. I have some Eagle mags for a S&W 5906 that are total crap. The don't feed, don't eject and are difficult to insert. I think I paid $5.00 for each of them but they are not worth 5 cents.
  6. Sometimes factory magazines and Mec-Gar magazines are the same.

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