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Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by WIMPY, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. 1st why are they so expensive?I I know some have selfcheck chips but not all. 2nd why do they have exp.dates? What is there to go bad? My dept spends a lot of $$$ replacing pads that expire before they are used. We have a very,very low rate of use. Anyone got a economical source of supply?

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  3. They are expensive because you have to have them. The expiration dates are an FDA requirement. Good luck on finding a cheap source to buy them from. To get our monies worth out of them we use the expired ones as chest seals. Cut the cords off and put them in a zip lock bag and you are good to go. You just have to "burp" the wound once in while. I have used them on several shootings and a stabbing with good results.

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  4. The gel on the pads goes bad over time, even when the package is intact. Cost of doing business. Good on you, husker, finding a use for the old pads!
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    I took over as the senior medical officer for my department which includes supplies. We use for our AED supplies. Good company to deal with with decent prices. I am not affiliated, just a happy customer.
  6. Some tricks are available. You can get a adapter to make a Zoll use Phillips pads. Phillips pads are half the price of Zoll. In my area all the hospitals use Phillips stuff so we can replace pads at the hospital. Adapter was $30. Got a "That a boy" from the desk people when I figured this out.

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  7. THANKS for the idea.I had read about that in a mag but never heard a field report. Good ideas & and thanks for the contact.
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  8. The other thing with the pads: some companies I know open the pads and keep them hooked up to the monitor/AED as a time-saving measure... if you use them a LOT this is not an issue (we get 24 runs a day, have 9 SNF in our first due, along with God knows how many ALF and senior housing projects), but if you don't they tend to dry out.
  9. For my service it is one of those things we must have but rarely use. We do a lot of public event stand-by's, rarely 1st in on 911 calls, do not transport and back up the the local fire/ems services. I just hate spending money on them when I know they most likely will go out dated before use.
    Thanks for the input.
  10. Anything "medical" is expensive. We used to use Plano 747 med boxes that cost $150 from the distributor because they where orange and white and had a star of life on them. Academy Sports sold the same box in green and tan in the fishing section for $35.
  11. If you think the pads are expensive, wait until you have to order a $400.00 battery.
    One of my additional duties at work is ordering supplies. I found a vender that had them for $200.00 each but due to government bureaucracy I had to order from a vender that charged twice as much.
  12. We had the tan and brown 747s at the "mom and pop" ambulance co I started at way back. Shop the best you can, see if you can get together with another user of the same pads and do a larger order. The FD I am with is over 110 line full timers, and we got together with another dept. of the same size. Every little bit helps.

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