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Discussion in 'GATE Survival & Preparedness' started by Kentguy, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi JC Refuge,

    I was interested in your thoughts on a really good (I guess you call them) bug out bags, back packs or as we used to call em field packs.

    My wife and I have the house sturdy & secure, good amount of provisions ect. However in the event (God Forbid) that we have to "take this act on the road". We would like a lite weight, durable, pack, Oh she added lots of pockets... go figure :shakehead:
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  3. JC Refuge


    Hi Kentguy. I'm partial to Maxpedition Hard Use Gear. They have a robust bag or pack for every use or application you can think of.

    Safecastle is a Maxpedition dealer though at the moment we're moving some old inventory so we don't have many of their products listed.

    Nonetheless--I suggest you go to Maxpedition's site ( and find what seems to best fit your health/fitness profile, bag carrying capacity, your load expectations, and preferred method you anticipate using to pack and hump your bug-out belongings.

    Specific bag or pack type is really about what is comfortable for you based on your specific circumstances. But as for a reliable brand--you can't go wrong with Maxpedition.

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