Advice for Older couple in neighborhood going bad

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by jutland, May 2, 2012.

  1. One of my colleagues at work, who happens to live in Deltona, has noticed the crime problem increasing in the last few years, asked for my thoughts for a gun around the home. He is slight of build, as is his wife. He has never shot a firearm before, and is in his late sixties. His wife also wants to have a gun available, and both have advised that they will spend time to learn how to use it. I have suggested a 20 gauge side by side under the keep it simple approach. They do not want a handgun. Any thoughts or other advice. No kids in home.

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  3. They should move to another neighborhood.

  4. Cole125

    Silver Member

    The double barrel shotgun is a good idea. Very simple for someone who knows nothing about guns to operate and shoot. Very deadly.
  5. Stoeger 20 ga coach gun, or 12 ga using shorty shells
  6. Sounds simple enough to you, really not so simple when your older.

    My advice would be a 20ga. Mossberg crusier. Inexpensive light weight, reliable, low maintenance, and with #3 buckshot it's very deadly. That and I believe they have non lethel loads for them if they prefer those.
  7. Ballisticism

    Ballisticism Spray & Pray

    Agreed. What about mounting a light and a laser on it? A google search shows that Stoeger makes a double-barrel 20-gauge in over-under and side-by-side configurations which has two picatinny rails.
  8. Side by side has always been my preferred home defense weapon. No need for lasers or lights.
  9. Ballisticism

    Ballisticism Spray & Pray

    It seems to me like in a panicked home defense situation, it'd be easier and faster for someone with no firearms experience to light up their target and put the red dot on the right spot than line up the shotgun with only a front sight.

  10. And there is the issue of zeroing the dot, the batteries, etc. that is taking a simple idea and complicating it.
  11. mj9mm

    no problem with 20 guage for able people, but if it's too much for the little lady, my brother in law recently picked up a 410 pump home defense gun. awesome and easy to use, 410 HD loads are made for close in the house use, also easier for older, slightly built folks.:cool:. just as an interjection, i have a 20 side by side, it's more punishing than my 12 guage autoloader:whistling:
  12. Sheepdog Scout

    Sheepdog Scout Behind you!

    I love these idiotic responses. Move to a new neighborhood, or move to another state if you're from a more restrictive state. Some may be able to do it, but most can't just pick up and leave. Even if they really want to.

    The 20 gauge is a good choice. I live the cruiser suggestion. But a pump may not work for some older folks.
  13. Ballisticism

    Ballisticism Spray & Pray

    I am a scientist. That is what we do.
  14. Yep. Something goes bump in the night, you hunker down in the bedroom, call the cops, and wait for the cavalry to show up with the shotgun leveled at the bedroom door. No need for a light or laser, and no need to go searching the house without training.
  15. Sheepdog Scout

    Sheepdog Scout Behind you!

    Even if you have training. There is no really good reason to go and "investigate", unless you have family in another part of the house.
  16. opto_isolator

    opto_isolator Extinct GOP

    LOL - I live in Deltona. I moved here back in 2005. This place has gone to crap since. If TSHTF, this place is not a place you want to be!
  17. I have been asked questions along these lines many times and my first recomendation is to move. If moving is not an option, the advice I give has nothing to do with hardware. Most important is advice on learning the legalities pertaining to the use of deadly force and the aftermath.

    Secondly is mindset and training. If you are not prepared to take another person's life and trained to use a weapon without having to take the time to figure out how to put it in action, there is a good chance that if deployed, some thug will take it away from you and either shove it someplace that doesn't feel too good or kill you with it. Remember, if said thug is not armed to begin with, you have now brought a weapon into the situation.

    This may not be what the OP wanted to hear, but it needs to be addresed. A firearm is not a magic wand, that if presented, scares the thug away (even though statistics show that the great majority of times, just the display of a firearm ends the hostilities). Everyone should plan for the worst case senerio.

    Just food for thought.
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  18. My mom is alone in her 80's and at least in a good area. What I did was
    1. Alarm system $30/mo
    2 safe room with an old cell phone on a charger for 911
    3 flashlight at bedside and in safe room.
    No gun. Why? she would not use it. She to be honest I think would panic and has never fired one

    In a nutshell I like layered defense, locks etc to buy time for someone like her
  19. mj9mm

    really? these people are not dead yet and they are willing to learn. i don't think they are looking for trouble, they just would like to be able to defend themselves. they aren't talking about neighborhood patrol either. a shotgun in the house with training is good advise, this is a gun forum, and many people have offered sound advise. their friend might want to take them to the range and try out a few options, if they change their minds, they can move on for more advise.:dunno::dunno::dunno:
  20. Valid point.

    This, too, is VERY solid advice, especially the bit in bold.
  21. If they are too old to move, then they are too old to wield a weapon.

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