Advice for my 72 hour bag.

Discussion in 'GATE Survival & Preparedness' started by rickjames513, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. I am making a 72 hour bag and had a couple questions for you guys concerning this. I have looked around and get VERY different answers for whether to use water purification tablets and water bottle with filter, or just the water bottle with filter and plan on boiling my water after filtering. It seems that the problem with purification tablets are that they have a short shelf life (2-4 years) and I know with my memory I don't want to count on being able to remember to change out my purification tablets. So what's your guys opinion on this situation? I think I'm going to go with Water Filter Bottles and getting a container to boil the water as well.

    Now for my questions:
    Is my strategy the right way to go?
    What bottle (with filter) would you recommend to place in my bag?
    What lightweight container should I bring to boil water?

    Thanks to all in advance!
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    Redundancy in your planning, especially with something as critical as drinking water, is the wise approach.

    In my mind--the water purification tablets (chlorine dioxide) are an important resource to have on hand. If they expire on you before you use them, oh well--it won't hurt anything to either try them anyway, or to just throw them away. They are relatively inexpensive and lightweight. Their ability to treat/eliminate viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, and Giardia in water is important. Water filters can't purify to that level.

    Boiling water CAN do that, but are you sure you are always going to be able to boil water? Yes, it is good to plan to do that. Of course, that means including a pot of some kind in your bag. I'd suggest a mess kit/cook kit.

    As for which bottle--I'm a Katadyn guy. But whatever bottle you choose, I'd suggest going with a trustworthy brand name. As with anything, you get what you pay for. In terms of something like this--where your health is on the line, spend a few extra bucks to get the assurance that comes with a recognized, reliable product.

  4. Cool, thanksI'd hope that I am able to boil water but, in the case of emergency... I was getting the bottle if I don't have time to stop and build and fire. Hopefully it would allow me to drink low amounts of water on the run. How good is the carbon in the bottle good for? Is it from the date that you first use it? Do you have to replace the carbon after 2,5,10,20 years? What's your opinion on the filter straws?
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    Not sure what bottle you are referring to ... the Katadyn MyBottle?

    Carbon in a filter is only there to make the taste more palatable. It really doesn't do anything to purify the water other than to reduce chemical taste. You do want to change out the Katadyn purification cartridge every 100 liters or so.

    The new LifeStraw is a great product. I haven't had the chance to test any as yet, but I hear good things about them.

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