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Advantage Arms .22LR conversion kit for Glock pistols!

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by Kegs, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    Oct 26, 2009
    Cold side of conus
    I thought I would start this thread in hopes of it to be bartacked to the rimfire forum (sticky). It just makes sense to have a single place for a thread for these kits since they maybe the most popular .22LR conversion kit for Glocks.

    Please comment on this thread if you own one of these units. I will post chronograph #s and other observations for my unit on here for others to have a look at.

    When I first purchased my G29SF last year, the first accessory I wanted to buy for it was a Advantage Arms kit. In fact, my kit arrived quicker than my Double tap ammo did - despite ordering the ammo before the kit.

    Like most Americans, .22LR is my favorite cartridge to shoot because it is cheap, capable of excellent precision, has killing power out of proportion to its size and it's lightweight to carry afield.

    While I'm on the topic of lightweight, the Glock in the AA .22LR mode makes for the lightest weight rimfire pistol I have ever held. The receiver is made of aluminum, with a steel barrel, extractor and other small parts making the overall weight quite low for this unit.

    There are two models: The target model with fixed sights (which seems to be MIA) and the LE model which has a Glock style dovetail & pin-placement sights. The sights on the LE models are actually Glock adjustable sights. These are cheap sights, but they will suffice for plinking - the key point is they can be removed and replaced with target sights relatively easily if the user wants. I replaced my own sights with Dawsons, but I'm not much for the Glock sight profile personally.

    I purchased the LE model 29/30, which is for the compact G29 & G30 Glock models. Because it is a compact and seems somewhat oversprung, I have found that my unit works better with the hyper velocity (CCI stinger and Velocitors work great) rounds than it does regular high velocity ammo for which Advantage Arms recommends.

    AA recommends Remington Golden bullet (550 pack), Remington target, and CCI mini-mags. I have experimented with lots of different ammo types on my unit and found that Federal #719 high velocity match turns in the best precision.

    The only ammo that I have tried and found cycles with full reliability is CCI velocitors. The high velocity loads have a fte and ftf problems ~10-20% of rounds cycled. As for target or subsonic rounds - forget it. They just don't cycle in the unit.

    Chrono'd rounds with this unit:

    I first shot (2) mags of remington golden bullet ammo through the advantage arms 29/30 LE kit - this is Advantage arm's #1 recommended rimfire round for their kit - which is designed as a plinker by default - and not a target pistol (though it's not too bad in this respect). The ammo however, leaves something to be desired:

    Conditions: 85F, RH? (probably around 40%), 1400 feet asl, quite sunny (hence the errors)

    Shot1 809
    Shot2 878
    Shot3 800
    Shot4 871
    Shot5 920
    Shot6 913
    Shot7 905
    Shot8 908
    Shot9 957
    Shot10 771

    Hi: 957 Lo: 771 Average: 873 Extreme spread: 186 Standard deviation: 60

    Okay, that was fun: How about doing it again:

    Shot1 916
    Shot2 803
    Shot3 968
    Shot4 905
    Shot5 885
    Shot6 812
    Shot7 983
    Shot8 911
    Shot9 no reading
    Shot10 no reading

    Hi: 983 Lo: 803 Average: 897 Extreme spread: 180 Standard deviation: 64

    Wow, that ammo sucks! :rofl:(but at least it feeds and fires, right?) :supergrin:

    A couple more tests for the Advantage arms model 29/30LE .22 conversion kit for Glock.

    Remington target:

    1. 847
    2. 821
    3. 851 (fail to eject)
    4. 853
    5. 884
    6. 828
    7. 866
    8. 881
    9. 737 (fail to eject)
    10. 768

    Average: 833
    Std. Dev.: 47 (aka a slower, uncoated bulk golden bullet - precision poor)

    Note: Rem golden bullets have shown STD. dev. around 60 - with precision to match! Today I had a 10 shot group that measured 21 and it had good precision. I was amazed!

    Federal #719 (HV match)

    1. 951
    2. 955
    3. 957
    4. 959
    5. 987
    6. 992
    7. 998
    8. 985
    9. 992
    10. 969

    Average: 974
    Std. Dev. = 18 (not bad! - Very good precision)

    CCI Velocitor

    1. 1020
    2. 1040
    3. 989
    4. 1016
    5. 1008
    6. 981
    7. 984
    8. 1026
    9. 978
    10. 993

    Average: 1003

    Std. Dev. = 21 (also not bad, precision about the same as #719)

    #719 = the win for value of all the rimfires I have tested with this unit. Velocitor just doesn't "velocitize" with a barrel this short. :supergrin: I know from testing it in water jugs that it won't expand much at all running at this speed, either - so not much benefit of having a hollow point that won't expand.

    Next I will chrono some stingers when I get the chance. I already know that precision with the stinger round is just not quite as good with other rounds, but from previous testing, I know it bullet will expand if it hits something square on.

    Speaking of precision, though AA states 2"@25y as the limit of this conversion kit, I have not been able to obtain that level of precision with this unit. (Then again, I don't have a ransom rest).

    From a bench the unit I will group (10 rounds) about 3.5" @25y. I do not have a scope mount that works for this gun (yet), though if I did (when I do) I expect I could get that down to the 2.5"-3" range.

    This level of precision is good enough to hunt small game with, but you'd better limit your range to around 50 feet or so.

    Overall it's a good addition to your centerfire Glock.
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  2. SalfromCal

    SalfromCal Senior Member

    Aug 30, 2008
    See #3
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  3. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    Oct 26, 2009
    Cold side of conus
    That thread has been around a while and one I have already seen. Every component that needs to be is polished on my frame and receivers. In terms of AA kits, I've conversed with enough folks to realize they aren't exactly consistent in terms of performance. Some users are able to shoot everything through theirs flawlessly (except for the occasional dud from poor rim priming on the bulk ammo) and others (myself included) are not.

    Based on my experience with firearm designs, I believe mine is just a tad oversprung. Velocitors have enough power to overcome the spring and cycle 100 rounds out of 100. Federal #719 has just a little less force and is around 95/100. Minimag and Rem GBs have less force than #719, and fail around 85-90/100.

    I figure I have about 1,000 rounds or so through the conversion kit. I keep it fairly well lubed too.
  4. Unnamed


    May 14, 2002
    Where did you buy your AA kit? I want to buy one for my 19 but haven't had much luck locating them online.
  5. TonyT


    Mar 14, 2009
    I purchased an AA unit for the G0-17 several years ago. It performs well with either CCI MiniMag or remington Golden ammo. You have to put up with some ignition failured with the Remington Golden. I would seriously consider the Tactical Solutions unit for the G-17. I own one of their 1911 uniyts and it is a mervel of precision machining and an all steel unit.
  6. jnewguyin


    Dec 5, 2009
    So are you accepting that the ignition failures are normal? i've been debating on getting a rimfire pistol to shoot this huge supply of remington gb's i purchased for my aa kit. I thought it was because my aa kit wasn't striking the rim hard enough.
  7. It has become "normal" with today's cheaply made and QC'd bulk 22lr ammo. If you have a failure to go bang, pull the bullet, dump the powder and observe where the firing pin hit the rim. Was there any priming compound at that spot on the inside of the rim? I'd gladly pay a buck or two more a box for ammo the way it was 20-30 yrs ago.


  8. I've had a AA kit for my G19 for several years now.

    Mine really likes the Remington Golden Bullets, all though the last box of them I was shooting would have a failure to fire about once every 2-3 magazines full. Round was hit well, would try 2 more times to get them to fire and they would not.

    It also feeds well with CCI mini mags.

    Federal bulk stuff was total jamomatic, couldn't get more the 3 rounds without a jam.

    I have a chrono sitting under the Christmas tree. So after Christmas I'll get to know how fast my bullets fly.
  9. Kegs

    Kegs Ol 8 fingers ;)

    Oct 26, 2009
    Cold side of conus
    I bought mine from a vendor on I would imagine that the units for G17 and G19 model pistols are harder to find simply due to the popularity of those pistols.

    Still, I do believe there are some out there.

    You might contact Advantage Arms to see who they have made shipments to lately and contact those vendors.

    I really like the kit and recommend it to anyone with a Glock!
  10. MudTerrain

    MudTerrain Batman w/ Guns

    Dec 31, 2008
    I bought my AA kit from AA's website. I can't remember exactly when, but whenever their website starting taking backorders for their kits, I placed one for my G19. Several weeks later my kit arrived.

    After my initial break-in, it has been very reliable, especially for a .22 rimfire. It likes Golden Bullets and likes Mini-Mags even more. In the time that I've had it, I can remember just a handful of malfunctions and I believe most occurred during my break-in. I polished the feed ramp and keep the kit clean and "wet" and it performs flawlessly now.

    For cheap training, trigger time, and just plain fun plinking --- it's hard to beat.
  11. I just ordered mine from here: and it should arrive Friday. You don't have to be Federal or Govt to buy from these guys.
  12. GlockBill


    Jan 8, 2000
    Atlanta, GA USA
    Please post when you receive and try it out. I'm surprised that anyone has any units in stock. Thanks!
  13. TonyT


    Mar 14, 2009
    One should consider the Tactical Solutions conversion unit for the G-17. I own their 1911 conversion unit and it will function with Remington Target as well as Federal HV HP bulk pack ammo.
  14. Jesse Neil

    Jesse Neil

    Aug 6, 2010
    I just ordered one for my 23. I've been looking for one for a long time, and to find one two days before Christmas is just typical. I had to order it, but I have not even started Christmas shopping yet (I work in retail, I put it off as long as I can).

    I'm so stressed out right now I can't even enjoy this. I also get to stare at .22 ammo I can't afford to buy all night at work.

    Now I wish I wouldn't have bought that case of .40 earlier this week.
  15. Jesse Neil

    Jesse Neil

    Aug 6, 2010
    I got an UPS email stating is has shipped, and they are still showing them in stock.
  16. pakettle


    Aug 21, 2006
    northern Illinois
    My AA kit likes mini mags and rem. goldens the best, needs more oiling and cleaning then my glock 17 slide.
  17. wksinatl


    Aug 18, 2001
  18. Jesse Neil

    Jesse Neil

    Aug 6, 2010
    Mine is due Wednesday. I've checked my finances, and I'll be able to afford to go to the range and try and wear out the backstop Thursday or Friday.
  19. wksinatl


    Aug 18, 2001
    Mine is also due Wednesday!!! I went ahead and bought 4 more mags with it. I plan on using this in Steel Challenge matches so a total of 5 mags will be nice.

    One of my shootin' buds owns one for his G21. He warned me that they aren't as "tough" as our Glock mags. He dropped one of his and chipped it.

    I'm glad I stumbled on to the thread. Thanks to gdawg09 for posting the vendor's site!