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Advantage Arms 17/22 Kits

Discussion in 'Lone Wolf Distributors Forum' started by LoneWolfMarketing, Oct 27, 2010.

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    We would like to use this forum for special announcements and deals for our GlockTalk members. What better way to start off then with an Advantage Arms .22 kit for your 17 or 22 (THIRD GEN ONLY)? We only have ONE of these kits available in this shipment so when they are gone they are gone until we get another shipment.


    Priced at $299.95 and only available by calling our sales staff at (208) 437-0612, these are not on the website.

    We also have the matching magazines (
    Part # AA17/22MAG) available for $29.95.

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  2. Thanks to all who have looked.. the kit we had left is now sold..

    Keep an eye on this forum for new deals.. we are also working on co-launching a new product soon..