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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by got2hav1, May 25, 2012.

  1. I added one to the Sig portion of my family of firearms today. Actually this one I had owned before and traded it away. LGS still had it after two years so I bought it back from him. It is a P6 1981 with the orginal box,manual, and target. All the numbers match. It has some good honest wear but I will not mind taking it out and shooting it. I need to acquire a couple more magazines and will be ready to have some fun.
    I must say of all the guns I own the P6(225) feels the best in my hands of them all. Just perfect fit for my hand size.
    The others in the photos are P229 with CT grips in 9mm, and SAS/DAK P239 in 9mm.
    All those who have P6(225)s let's hear what you think of them.





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  2. Nice gun. l love my P6, shoots really well. Mine feeds hollowpoints as well

  3. Good, I will test mine with HPs this weekend. What year model is yours? :cool:
  4. It's from 9/83
  5. TSAX


    Nice Sig group, I really like the old style Sig sights with the dot and line

  6. I do as well it is my favorite sight picture. My main carry CW9 has the same. :supergrin:
  7. Congrats on a great classic pistol.
  8. I do like the "classics". :cool:
  9. it can be from very difficult to impossible to get one back that got away; congratulations on getting yours back.

    although i foolishly passed on a great example of a P6 several years ago, i do have a w german P225 (1990) that i am very happy with. i bought this one as a CPO back in 2007, and it's a keeper; imo... the best ergonomics of any model handgun that Sig ever made.
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  10. Beautiful! I have a mint P220 9 millimeter, which is like a longer P225 I think. Great shooting guns.
  11. Thanks for looking. A P225 is definately a keeper.
    Congrats on finding that one.
    I could not believe this P6 was still there... some things are just meant to be I guess!:supergrin:

  12. thanks. and i agree; some things are just meant to be.
  13. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    If I didn't already have a P225, I would have bought one of those P6s. Although I do have multiples of CZ75Bs and Beretta 92FSes...hmmm...the mind churns.
  14. Congrats!:cool: The 225/P6s are great pistols.
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  15. You NEED one for each hand! :supergrin:
  16. Thanks, totally agree!
  17. I can appreciate your Sig affection as I have long had this condition myself. I especially like Sigs in the lighter colors, such as nickel, stainless or silver anodize finish. Here are three that I have acquired in recent years. They are all good shooters, as well as being attractive:



  18. You have good taste my friend!:cool:

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