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  1. What is the difference. Im looking to get another Glock but in .45 and am leaning towards G21.

    But what is the difference between .45ACP and .45GAP? What is your preference?

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  2. The acp is longer than the gap so in turn the grip on the g21 is bigger. Having shot both rounds I would personally go with acp more for ammo availability than anything. I also like the size of the 21's grip.

  3. And going off of Remington's numbers, the ballistics performance is near equal.
  4. I don't have any experience with either caliber, but from what I do know the .45ACP has more than 100 years of documented history in its favor and the .45GAP has ...

    I also am led to believe that the .45ACP ammo options are vastly greater than what's available for the .45GAP, if that makes any difference in today's political climate that has created an ammo shortage.
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  5. DannyR

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    A full size G37 GAP uses the same frame as a G17. I sold my G21 when I got my first G37 in 2003. I sold my G30 when I got my G38 in 2005. I later added a G39. They are my favorite Glocks, and I've always been able to find ammo. Even Gander Mountain carries 45GAP.

    Five State Police Agencies (NY, PA, SC, GA & FL) as well as many local law enforcement agencies have adopted the G37. Ammo is available from Winchester, Speer, Blazer, Federal, Cor-bon, Georgia Arms....
  6. 100 years of history means that the virtually identical 45GAP ballistics will do the same thing 45ACP has done for 100 years.

    There's definitely a historical aspect to the 1911 45ACP without substitute. If a flavor of history is preferred, it's a great choice.

    There are indeed more ammo options with 45ACP. The longer case with empty space in ACP's standard loading can be filled with additional powder for +P loadings.

    That said, Speer/Glock removed the extra space in the 45ACP cartridge and made what some have described as a 45 "short". A 45 round that fit within the grip of the 9mm/40cal Glock frames. There are a few other mechanical differences, such as thicker webbing in the brass case and a small primer, but concept of removing empty air and shortening up the cartridge was sound. It delivered virtually identical performance in a smaller package. GAP has reloading virtues that ACP does not have. At the time, some thought the stubbier round would be a great functional fit for the "micro" 1911's which seem to have difficulty feeding ACP reliably.

    A few manufacturers toyed with GAP offerings but they came and went. DannyR got his before I picked mine up in 2004. Other manufacturers with metal magazines since offered higher capacity 45ACP pistols that don't have grip girths like Aunt Betty and the G21. Glock's polymer lined magazines are not as thin as metal mags.

    From a marketing standpoint, ACP's longstanding history (and successful performance) have made the round accessible almost everywhere ammunition was sold. There is little incentive for the market to grab onto the 45GAP round other than it is the best 45cal Glock grip design. Internet ammo sales have kept mine fed at a price level about the same as ACP but legislation may change that soon.

    That said, I love my G37 45GAP. I consider it a design masterpiece. Smooth 45cal delivery, 10+1 rounds over 1911's 7/8+1. Mild recoil. Personally, I could care less if Glock gave up the line because I'm keeping mine. It is my nightly bed-stand / home defense first choice in pistols.

    I don't recommend GAP's to new shooters because the increased difficulty finding ammo, ammo cost differences, and figuring out which holsters will work all add up to early frustration when the shooter should be enjoying a new sport.

    But if you shoot Glocks, find the G21SF is "Still Fat" and like the way the 9mm/40cal Glock grips fit your hand, then it is a real candidate. Just be long term mentally prepared that local GAP ammo is scarce in some areas, internet sales are on the negotiating block with the .gov, and the long term may mean you need to reload your own. Personally, I'm good with that.

    I forgot to mention, we have a sub-forum here dedicated to the 45GAP. The Bull Dawgs Club. It has a lot of good information.
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  7. I too prefer the GAP over the ACP!
  8. biscotrip,

    I think the others have pretty much covered the main differences between these two, here is just some numbers to check out if your are bored.

    Until recent times the GAP have always been a bit more difficult to find in this area, but you still could pretty much find what you were looking for. Now-a-days your lucky if anyone even has any ammo let alone ACP or GAP. :dunno:

    I own a G21 and I really like it, it fits my hand(s) well and is not difficult at all to handle even with some more "stout" loads. I also reload for .45 ACP but before I did ammo was easy to find and "relatively" inexpensive.

    I have shot several different GAP loads out of a friends G37 and found no real huge difference(s) between the two. Of course there is but IMO nothing to write home about.

    I like the G21 and for no other reason than personal preference I would stay with the ACP loads as well.

    Good luck and be safe
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  9. SCmasterblaster

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    I have been reloading .45 ACP since 1978. It is a great round. :cool:
  10. If your hand likes the feel of the 21/21sf id go that route. There are more options for the 21 platform. While the GAP round is available here the ACP is more available. You can shoot normal, +p, and 45 super through the 21 or get a 10mm conversion, 40 super, or 460 rowland if you wanna take on some big nasties. As said the GAP matches the 100 year old ballistics of the ACP but now 100 years later i can improve on the old ACP ballistics with its larger case. The gap has less room for improvement.
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    The .45 ACP is so usable for just about anything, it makes me wonder why the .45 GAP was invented? To fit in a certain-sized pistol?
  12. Yup so you could have a big bore on the 17/22 frame size.
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    Can't the .45 ACP fit in a G17/22 - sized gun?
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  14. The GAP is slightly shorter than the ACP. It operates at a higher pressure to obtain comparable ballistics. The shorter length allows firearms designed for it to have a slightly smaller grip which is advantageous to persons with less than average sized hands.

    My preference is the ACP. For my purposes and in my experience, the GAP is the answer to a question that I have never needed to ask. The ACP is more ballistically capable w/ any bullet weight. There are other reasons that argue for selection of the ACP... availability, chambering in a variety of firearms, etc.
  15. No the acp has a max length of 1.275" while the 9mm/40 size guns can only run 1.169" or there abouts.
  16. Wish I had a GAP right now, seems there is more GAP ammo then ACP...just my observation. Same thing with 357 sig, can buy all i want right now
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    That makes sense. I guess that there is not likely to be a 230gr .45 GAP round then - the OAL would be too long.
  18. 230 gr.? Yup. GAP has them.
  19. Sheepdog689

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    I was looking to buy a .45acp and wanted to stay with Glock. I looked and handled the 30, 30sf and 36 and none of them felt quite right. I have a Gen4 19 that was my favorite off duty gun as I really like the size of the 19 and how it fit my hand, but I wanted something in 45 caliber. Then I discovered the GAP here on the forum. I researched the snot out of the round and I went out and got my hands on a 38 and I haven't looked back. The 19 is in the safe and the 38 is my off duty carry.

    Comparing firing the GAP to an ACP, I would say that recoil is very similar. As many people describe it, recoil with the GAP and ACP is more of a push than a snap like the .40. Ballistics are basically the same, although you can get +P ACP ammo. There are a lot more ammo choices (manufacturer, bullet style and weight) with the ACP, but for me that is not an issue. The only ammo I will carry in any of my pistols is Gold Dot. I reload my own ammo and GAP is easy as it can be reloaded with ACP dies. The GAP uses a small pistol primer vs a large pistol primer in the ACP.

    ACP vs GAP is kind of like a Ford/Chevy/Dodge comparison. It's what you like and how it fits you. I like the 19 frame size better than the 30. I like the GAP so much that I just ordered a 39 for summer carry. You'll get other people that hate the GAP and consider it heresy to carry any 45 other than an ACP. I bought what I wanted for me, not for anyone else so my suggestion is if you can find a range with a 45ACP and a 45GAP in their rental fleet, try them side by side and see how they fit, how they fire and how they feel to you. You may like the ACP better or you may like the GAP better. It's your money so it's your decision.

    Gap on the left, ACP on the right:
  20. SCmasterblaster

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    They must be deep-seated in order to keep the OAL short enough.

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