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Accurate Arms Data

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by bdc, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. bdc

    bdc Former Member

    Oct 12, 2003
    I strongly recommend aftermarket barrels with fully supported chamber for handloaders using AA#2 or AA#5.

    AA#2 is a fast burning, clean, low flash, powder that you should not push. .2 grains beyound the 5" barrel data Glocksmiles (ruins) used Winchester brass. Listed maximum loads are actual maximum loads! What kind of fun is that for the curious and innovative reloader?

    There is a growing body of statistics that shows little room for error with AA's fastest burning powders. Exercise appropriate caution.

    The 5" data does not look too impressive compared to the competition, however for G-29 3.8" barrels, the data listed is very close to actual performance, because the powder almost completely burns in the the short barrel. (Similar to Alliant Power Pistol performance in a short barrel, except that Power Pistol is fairly forgiving with a 5% to 10% push.)(Bullseye is more accurate, but has to be pushed more than 10% to reach similar power levels.)

    My load for a 165gr BJHP is 7.8gr @ about 1245 f/s, 568 fLbs, PF 205.
    My load for a 180gr BJHP is 7.4gr @ about 1176 f/s, 553 fLbs, PF 212.

    (Note: Hornady XTP is higher friction design and the powder charges must be reduced. Use caution to build up a load specifically for your gun starting at a lower powder charge, no matter what bullet you choose.)

    I use the 155gr Speer Gold Dot as listed in published data and the 165gr Rem. G. Saber listed in the loads above as my nightstand loads because the numbers are just about ideal for that purpose. The 180gr Rem. G. Saber is a better penetrating load if that will serve your purpose.

    Grip reduction:

    Training and Targets: Be sure to explore the links!
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  2. jem375

    jem375 NRA Life Member

    Jun 18, 2003
    Why would you use AA#2 anyway??.....

  3. b8es_


    Oct 11, 2001
    I guess one reason to use it is it is cheap to load with, very few grains. Thats the same reason I use Bullseye for 44mag lswc, its super cheap. But there is always a downfall on the cheap powders I guess, AA#2 is finicky, and Bullseye smokes like a chimney!
  4. spongeman66


    Apr 30, 2003
    I tried AA #2 because I had 5 lbs of it from my Shotgun days. The max listed load of 7.4 behind a 180 produced larger head expansion than factory Winchester Silvertips. Be VERY careful with this fast powder in 10mm.
    I ONLY tried it because I had 5lbs on hand. Otherwise I would NEVER have purchased it for 10mm.
    Buy 800X, Blue Dot, or Power Pistol for 10mm... I am sure I left another couple of good powders out....
    Stay safe and measure those head max diameters...
  5. SupraTT

    SupraTT Glock 20

    May 29, 2003
    (edited to keep thread on-topic, now that it is a sticky.)
  6. spongeman66


    Apr 30, 2003
    (edited to keep thread on-topic, now that it is a sticky.)
  7. bdc

    bdc Former Member

    Oct 12, 2003
    Thanks for all your replies and observations.

    I choose AA#2 because it is specialized to the application. It achieves near Norma spec performance in a shorter barrel.

    Excess flash will blind the shooter.

    Excess blast can damage the hearing of your family. The hot gasses and flaming bits of powder can cause other injuries to innocent people.

    Excess recoil limits your rate of fire and sight reacquisition.

    Equally important as the loading considerations for my application are the point-and-shoot characteristics of the gun.
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  8. Guest

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  9. SupraTT

    SupraTT Glock 20

    May 29, 2003
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  10. MakeMineA10mm

    MakeMineA10mm * * * * Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Feb 13, 1999
    Central Illinois
    Since we didn't have a sticky for Accurate Arms powders, I think we should use this one that bdc started. THANKS, bdc!

    Since this is now a sticky for AA powders, please restrict your posts/comments to that brand of powders. There are other threads in this forum to discuss the other brands' powders in the 10mm.
  11. bdc

    bdc Former Member

    Oct 12, 2003

    There is a volume of Accurate Load Data still on "The 10 Ring".

    Please post your favorite loads and applications for that load at this site to consolidate and compare the data easily.

    Accurate manufactures five smokeless double base ball style pistol powders. They are modern clean burning low flash designs that meter superbly in automated reloading machines.

    In 10mm you can expect to match factory load performance with AA#5, and modest +P loadings with AA#7. The Jury is still out on AA#9, some think it is "IT", others consider it too bulky with extreme recoil.

    Magnum pistol primers are OK for AA#5 and recommended for AA#7 and AA#9. (CCI most often mentioned as preferred, Winchester least preferred.)

    I know of several very experienced reloaders who prefer reloading Accurate powders above all others.

    For maximum power, loads of other brands of older less mannered powders are superior. Expect excess blast, recoil forces, flash, smoke and soot.

    Hodgdon Longshot is a competitor to AA#7. It has all the good modern characteristics of AA#7 with more power at lower presure. Alliant Power Pistol is a competitor to AA#5 in a modern powder.
  12. MCNETT

    MCNETT Load Developer Lifetime Member

    Posted by Thegman:

    AA#9 and AA#7 are still my overall favorite 10mm powders.

    They meter great and have very low flash.

    Between the two powders, in my G29 (short barrel), max obtainable velocity (without
    deforming the bullet) goes back and forth. In my RZ, with the 5" barrel, #9 seems to give
    better velocities in most, if not all weights.

    Here's what I have on #9 and 150 Nosler.

    G29 with KKM barrel

    150 Nosler HP

    AA#9/16.0 Grains

    1.26"/Fed 150 primer

    Starline Brass, once fired

    1335 fps

    ---Through 4 layers denim into satured newspaper/

    0.68"/0.80" expansion

    11" penetration---

    I only reached 1260 fps with AA#7
  13. wm7d


    Jan 3, 2002
  14. Gentlemen...<p>
    I currently compete/hunt with a 6" SV/STI style 1911 in .40S&W, only with 1/4" freebore (rifling removed from the chamber end). This allows me to seat my bullets out to 10mm lengths and/or trim 10mm brass to .40 length and go nuts. I have diminished pressure signs and 10mm performance. My 5" gun was pushing a 180gr Gold Dot at 1287fps using a particular AA#7 load, I haven't checked the speed out of my 6" gun with the Golden Sabers that I'm loading now. But it groups beautifully.<p>

    It's been my experience, that if you're going for pure speed and power, AA#7 is a very forgiving powder that burns pretty clean if you get the pressures up.<p>

    My 5" gun data shoud work for you G20 shooters out there...

    10.3gr AA#7 //80gr Speer Gold Dot// 1.240 OAL// CCI BR primer
    10.3gr AA#7 //180gr Rem Golden Saber//1.240 OAL// CCI BR primer<p>

    NOTE!!! <p>
    AA#7 will only burn what it can in the barrel, shorter barrels throw about a 5' cylinder of flame out the front. The Bullets mentioned above are the only two bullets I have found that will stay together going through a 300 and 400 pound hog (yes, i said through, and it was actually overkill).
  15. This load is a soft feeling 232PF (Weight*Velocity). I still wouldn't shoot it for fun except for exploding gallon water jugs.
  16. MCNETT

    MCNETT Load Developer Lifetime Member

    85F 5000ft CCI 350 primers Starline brass AA 7 powder 1.255" OAL:

    135gr 13.5gr - 1310fps
    155 XTP 12.6 - 1263fps
    165gr Sierra 12.0gr - 1232fps
    180gr XTP 10.9 - 1145fps
    200gr XTP 10.3 - 1092fps
    220gr Precision FP 9.2gr - 975fps

    135gr 13.5gr - 1409fps
    155 XTP 12.6 - 1356fps
    165gr Sierra 12.0gr - 1291fps
    180gr XTP 10.9 - 1189fps
    200gr XTP 10.3 - 1141fps
    220gr Precision FP 9.2gr - 1027fps

    135gr 13.5gr - 1557fps
    155 XTP 12.6 - 1462fps
    165gr Sierra 12.0gr - 1370fps
    180gr XTP 10.9 - 1266fps
    200gr XTP 10.3 - 1205fps
    220gr Precision FP 9.2gr - 1062fps
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  17. Medpilot 2

    Medpilot 2 Smkumifyagotum

    Oct 10, 2003
    My Chrono results:
    Accurate No.5 / Speer 180 FMJ / Winchester WLP Primers / Starline Brass

    G29 stock barrel

    Low: 838
    High: 890
    Ave: 865

    Low: 908
    High: 980
    Ave: 945

    Low: 980
    High: 1007
    Ave: 1001

    Low: 996
    High: 1065
    Ave: 1036

    No signs of over pressure
  18. Medpilot 2

    Medpilot 2 Smkumifyagotum

    Oct 10, 2003
    AA#9, 180gr Zero FMJ bullets, Starline brass, CCI 350, OAL 1.250"

    G29 KKM barrel

    Low: 1141
    High: 1196
    Ave: 1168

    Low: 1200
    High: 1236
    Ave: 1213

    Low: 1197
    High: 1265
    Ave: 1227

    Low: 1245
    High: 1309
    Ave: 1274

    All charges flattened the primers.
    Also noticed large recoil above 13.6grs.
  19. BuffaloBo


    Jun 22, 2004
    Are you pretty close at having a compressed load with this charge?
  20. Medpilot 2

    Medpilot 2 Smkumifyagotum

    Oct 10, 2003
    At 14.5gr. you would think so or be close to it. The data I'm using from AA doesn't specify. I don't feel any resistance when seating, even at an OAL of 1.250". AA#9 has the consistency of fine sand, so I'm assuming it's going to be denser than most powders making it take up less volume.

    The stuff sure does like to flatten primers. Even at my starting charge of 13.1, the primers showed signs of over pressure. The primers didn't show much change between 13.1 and 14.5, I just noticed a lot more recoil.

    I was also testing some Vit N105 and was more impressed by that stuff. No flattened primers at all.