a "which 1911 should i buy" thread

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Quack, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Quack

    Quack Rent this space

    seeing that this is a common type of thread, why not make a condensed thread with different (NIB) price points.

    here's a few off the top of my head...

    Less than $750:
    Rock Island Armory (RIA)
    STI Spartan
    Springfield Armory (SA) Mil-spec, G.I.
    Remington 1911-R1
    America Classic
    Desert Eagle

    $750 - $1000:
    SA Loaded
    SA Champion Operator
    STI Trojan
    STI Ranger II
    STI Guardian
    Kimber Custom II

    $1000 - $1500:
    SA TRP
    SA Trophy Match
    SA EMP
    SA MC Operator
    Dan Wesson Valor
    Dan Wesson Guardian
    STI Duty One
    STI Sentry
    STI Rangemaster

    $1500 - $2000
    STI Edge
    STI Premier
    Springfield Custom Shop Custom Carry
    Les Baer

    over $2000
    Ed Brown
    Wilson Combat
    Springfield Custom Shop
    Rock River Arms

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  2. I was going to post a bunch of stuff and do a thread like this complete with pics and descriptions.

    I've been saying that for a month or two. I started some drafts, but having continued.

    I'll do it once I have my next two 1911s that I have on order. It should be this spring.

    I the meantime, I can add a few to your list.

  3. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist

    After bac gets the Two 1911's he is waiting for there will be more, don't let him fool you.

  4. Here's a few added.
  5. :supergrin:

    Of course, but not this year. I want a custom from Gemini, but I won't be ordering it for a while and even then, its a year wait to get it.

    Actually, I will be buying a Norinco later this year, I suppose.

    The two on order are an SV Infinity and a Liebenberg Signature from Pistol Dynamics.
  6. G21FAN

    G21FAN Useless loser
    Millennium Member

    Colt Series '70 reissue

    Colt 1991A1 NRM. Both are excellent for as is or a base for customization.
  7. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist

    I hear the Gemini is really really sweet.

  8. So do I.

    Since Bac keeps posting all of his pics, and causing people to spend their money, I thought it was only fair.




    Bac, you really need one of these.........

    I also think that the list would be in-complete without Wilson Combat on it? I would also consider putting Rock River on it, but not sure since they don't currently make 1911's?
  9. srothman, I'm definitely ordering a Gemini as soon as possible. Mine won't be quite as flashy as yours, but will be artistic either way.

    Yeah, RRA 1911s are awesome, but they did stop building them, at least for the time being. What a damn shame. :crying:

  10. I will have to take some new pics, with the new grips.

    It tones it down quite a bit, it removes some of the "bling" it has with them.

    Hopefully when the current status of building AR's dies down, or levels off, Rock River will start making 1911's again.
  11. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist


    Love the eye for detail and artistic approach on that 1911. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I'd like to see the Gemini with the new grips.

    As far as RRA is concerned, I sure hope so. They build some of the best in the business.
  13. 5 screw smith

    5 screw smith NRA Life Member

    Less than $750:

    $750 - $1000:
    Dan Wesson (DW) CBOB
    Kimber Royal

    $1000 - $1500:
    Dan Wesson Valor
    Kimber Gold Combat II (Previous, not current production)
    Kimber Aegis (New model with Commander hammer)
    Kimber Tactical HD (New model)
    Wilson Combat KZ45

    $1500 - $2000 (Much closer to 2 grand)
    Wilson Combat CQB (Base model)
    Ed Brown Special Forces

    over $2000
    Ed Brown Special Forces Bobtail
    Ed Brown Kobra Bobtail
    Springfield Professional
    The rest of the Wilson Combat models

    Note: NIB prices are usually lower than MSRP
  14. RUSH2112

    RUSH2112 Big Member

    As you can see in smith's post there are a ton of kimbers in each price range because they make so many darned variations on basically the same base. This is a good thing, I'm just saying the buyer needs to be aware that in such a list he may not see all the kimbers he may want to to consider.

    And kimbers are so similar in performance and quality, if you're going to list one, there no reason to exclude any other, because there aren't good kimbers vs bad ones, as far as "which one is the best deal", there are simply different options and configurations.
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  15. Umm, I don't agree.

    There is a huge difference in the top of the line Kimber and the entry level Kimber. I've got both.

    One is three times the price of the other, and its more than just cosmetics.
  16. liliysdad

    liliysdad NRA Life Member

    I disagree, Bac. They are all Custom IIs, with varying levels of pretty. When you open one of them up, they all share the same guts. Perhaps, at tone time, this was not the case, but can assure you it is now.

    Their "Custom Shop" guns are a farce.
  17. I realize Kimber doesn't have a Custom shop, so to speak.

    However, I see a very noticable difference in the fitting, finish, smoothness, trigger, and just overall quality, between the Super Match and the Custom II.

    In fact, the SM comes with an accuracy guarentee and its a very accurate 1911, will the Custom II is average.

    I realize I'm using the two extremes here, but the Super Match is a fine 1911. I thinks its the best full production 1911 on the market.
  18. RUSH2112

    RUSH2112 Big Member

    Bac please read my post more carefully. I didn't say they are all exactly equal, I said similar in performance and quality, and I'm refering to all the models that fall within each of the above established price ranges, not the base model compared to the top of the line. I probably should have specified that.

    I don't see the same upgrades in guts and performance-related options like you see, for example, between the SA GI and just one step higher in the Mil-Spec. With the SA you are actually deciding on performance related factors between the two guns in the same range +/- $50, where as with Kimber you just need to decide which cosmetic options you want, and things like ambi safety, more checkering, night sights, type finish. The one with more options is not a "better" gun, nor is either one a better "bargain" than the other.

    Basically what I'm saying is regarding Kimber you can't just look at the above list and see "custom II" in the $750-1000 range, there are many variations a buyer needs to consider, and this choice is not about performance or quality.
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  19. That's cool. Like I said, I was giving the extremes. I do agree that the vast majority of Kimber models are essentially the same level of quality.

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