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  1. Gave up sleep today (I work overnight)...just couldn't stay away from the range any longer. I actually brought out the same pistols as last time.
    I shot both pistols using:
    Sillman Cartridge Company - 147g - FMJ
    Military Ballistics Industries - 124g - FMJ (RL)

    Here is a picture with the Military Ballistics Industries:
    The MBI was a stout little load and fairly accurate. The Sillman seemed like a milder load and I couldn't get it to group like this (actually anywhere close to this) - the P229 didn't seem to like it. I had zero malfunctions with either load...the 80th and 81st load thru this P229!!

    The Sillman shot a little better thru the FNP with zero failures. I almost got thru the box of MBI when I had the failure to feed problem strike again. I also had the slide fail to lock back twice.. Picture with Crossbreed Holster:

    Today I finally came to believe that it is a problem with the magazines or magazine springs. I went to the Wolff Springs site hoping to order some +10% springs only to find Wolff doesn't make FN springs. When I punched "FNP mag springs" into the search engine to do a general search, it came back with a lot of hits for a lot of folks with the same issues. Several said that FN redesigned the follower. They got the updated ones from the factory. I guess I will have to give them a call. Not ready to give up on this baby... I really like this pistol!

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  2. nice shooting and as always...thanks for sharing the intel...good luck on the springs...


  3. Update on the FNP357..... I called service at FN and they want me to send the pistol in.... ouch! :faint:
    Me: If its a magazine issue (springs or follower) like I suspect...how many magazines should I send with it? I have six...
    Them: uhm... just the ones your having issues with...

    I did mark a couple of them. I guess I will send in three and see what happens.
    I just sent my daughter off to college - this is almost as bad :supergrin: I wonder what the turn-around time will be?
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    The fn series pistol shot well buy the problems I had with mine were similar. Ftf and the pins in the frame walking. Good luck and good shooting
  5. FNP357 on its way to the service department. I really hope it comes back 100% - the shipping costs are staggering these days!! The Walking Dead season 3 may be the only thing to cheer me up!
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  6. An update: FN has had my pistol for 7 days and I haven't even received the postcard with numbers so I can track the service progress!
    Funny thing is..... Taurus really gets bashed on the boards for a poor service department. I had to send a revolver in to them once- and it went from my doorstep BACK to my doorstep in one week (almost to the hour) and it was fixed - ran fine after that. I am hearing that it might be a 4-6 week wait on this FN :faint: I'm glad I have backup ( and G31 is darn good backup :supergrin:)
  7. Well my FNP 357 arrived back from service today - right at the three week point. There was paperwork included in the box but there was 1.) no description of the problem 2.) No description of what the fix was 3.) No list of parts that were changed or adjusted. Don't see any evidence that it was test fired. Oh.....and they had it listed as a 357 Mag:dunno:
    I would have to give them a C- rating. That could go up or down depending on how the gun functions when I get it out!!
  8. good juju sent that it works well and they fixed the issue...

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    Well.....how'd it shoot!? You've had plenty of time to try it out. :rofl: :supergrin:


  10. Tomorrow...tomorrow....it's only a day away....lol :cool:
  11. thank you Annie...:supergrin:

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  12. Well.....here's what happened: Took the FNP 357 out to the range today - on a fairly cold and blustery day. First I filled up five of my magazines with ten rounds each of CCI Speer Lawman -125g - TMJ . Each and every round feed and fired flawlessly. I was feeling pretty good at this point. You will notice FMJ's punch nice holes in pumpkins:

    Next I thought I should go all out and fill the magazines full... and with JHP's - Parabellum Research - 125g - JHP (value line)(RL). About three shots into the first magazine...BOOM...failure to feed. I had about three with that magazine. I did notice that was the one magazine I had marked (with an X ) as being particularly troublesome. The other three magazines ran without incident (two full and one partial). Pumpkins after JHP's:


    I placed the bad magazine aside and loaded three mags full (and one partial) with Wisconsin Cartridge Corp. - 125g - FMJ (RL) to see how it would run with nickel plated brass rounds. I had one failure to feed out of these 50 rounds soooo.... I marked that magazine with permanent marker. I am feeling a little more hopeful but obviously this one will not be in the carry rotation. I still feel this is a magazine issue mostly so I will press on testing with the four remaining magazines and quality rounds. The marked magazine was sent to the shop with the pistol. I don't know if it was inspected....
  13. disappointing for you I'm sure but hopefully you will get it sorted out...

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    I was hoping your issue was completely resolved, it sounds like it's getting closer. It is hard to carry a gun you don't have 100% confidence it.

    OTOH....I sure liked what it did to the pumpkins! :thumbsup:

    I haven't had my G32 out in a few months......waiting on some ammo to arrive (Georgia-Arms FMJ) to hopefully take out in the next couple of weeks.


  15. Well, today IS national buy ammo day. I have 400 rounds coming from Parabellum Research. Good luck and good shooting!!
  16. Well.... I resurrect this thread for an update! Took the problem child out and I had...well....more problems.
    Set aside the magazines I had marked and loaded up three others with Hunting Shack Ammunition - 124g - PFP (plated flat point) (RL). - 42 rounds total and all worked flawlessly. Then I loaded the remaining eight rounds into a mag and topped it off with six rounds of Parabellum Research - 147g - FMJ (value line)(RL). And loaded two more mags up with this.
    Now I started having failures to feed with every other round again. I tried all magazines with the same result. I believe the remaining Hunting Shack rounds would have worked fine but at this point, it was hopelessly mixed in with the others.
    I put all the rest of these aside and tried Federal - 100g - CC BallistiClean and all 50 rounds ran flawlessly (and they grouped well too - pic below).
    I'd say at this point I have a picky eater. I need to find one practice round that works well and one premium round and just stick with them.
    By the way, I love PBR(Parabellum Research) ammo. My P229 chewed it up and spit it out without a hitch and my G31 likes it as well!

  17. disappointing...hopefully FN will get you hooked up...I remember when I purchased my FNP-45 Tactical that it was reported they could be finicky as FN's tolerances were really tight with their magazines...(I never had an issue with mine but only used three different loads in it)

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