A Pro drops an armed robber

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  1. This is a security camera video of a real armed robbery. For those who have been wondering, this is how a pro handles an armed robbery situation. He shoots first, fast & accurate, and drops the gun-toting bandit before he can get a shot off!


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  2. MTDP,

    Looks like he waited till he saw a good opportunity and not the first opportunity!

    I also noticed the shooter, while moving, used two hands. No fancy fast running but good movement while shooting with two hands. I have no doubt he has been trained.


  3. If memory serves me correct, the shooter was employed by that entity as a security guard, licensed in that state as such...as was either a retired LEO or off duty LEO...

  4. Any word on caliber/weapon used by the good guy?
    Seems like some good stopping power.
  5. PhoneCop

    PhoneCop TeleDetective


    "Shoots first" as in before the bad guys starts throwing rounds. I'm not sure where MTPD said shoots at first opportunity.
  6. From the way the shooter operated I figured he was a cop, but didn't know the details. I could tell he knew what he was doing, making it unlikely that he was just an inexperienced 3rd party.
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  7. Max1775

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    Very calculated and appropiate reaction to the situation. The shooter did not lose his cool or concentration. He remained calm, waited for the right moment, and then executed immediate and decisive action. Definitely some training there. Proper end to a bad situation.
  8. The shooter waited until the BG was focused on the pharmacist and reaching for the dope. If you look closely, you can see the shooter take his pistol out and then wait for the "right" moment to make his move, with gun already in hand but concealed.
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  9. Right!

    And that's a good lesson for all of us. Just because we see a BG with a gun we don't necessarily need to just whip out our Roscoe and fire. A bit of nerve racking patients is needed to wait for a good moment. Wait for that window of opportunity where you can get the drop on them (or failing that, at least something they totally did not expect.)

    You guys remember the tape were the motel operator pulled his Glock and waited while the BG demanded money from the clerk. And then surprised the heck out of him with that Glock!

  10. I'm glad the victims all came out unscathed. It's a shame what drugs do to people...
  11. I agree with your perspective.

  12. glockfan9

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    i saw this video somewhere else, gun was a G23 from what i remeber.
  13. GreyEclipse

    GreyEclipse TheGreyEclipse

    I see a flaw or two but otherwise he did a good job.
  14. How do you know drugs made him do it? Maybe he was just a natural born scumbag? Plus, if drugs make people commit armed robberies, how come the pharmacist, who is around drugs all day long, isn't pulling armed robberies? :dunno:
  15. Well, because I, clearly unlike you, read the bottom of the description of the video. I'm more than happy to copy and paste for you.

    " August 02, 2009 — A would-be robber was shot and killed Saturday morning in New Smyrna Beach as a store owner was opening up his shop.

    The robber was shot twice in the chest by a security guard at the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy Saturday at 10:15 a.m.

    Police said the masked robber entered the store at 653 N. Dixie Freeway, put a gun to the head of the pharmacist and demanded drugs. That's when the man with the gun was shot and killed by the security guard."

    Drugs don't make people do anything, addiction does. Look, I'm just as happy as anyone else to see the guy take two in the chest.

    As for your statement about pharmacist doing drugs. That's too ingenuous of a comment to respond to.
  16. brausso, you missed the point. You didn't say the armed robber was after drugs. If you had, I would have agreed with you.

    What you said was, "It's a shame what drugs do to people...". The implication being that it wasn't really his fault because DRUGS MADE HIM PULL THE ARMED ROBBERY.

    That line of reasoning is similar to the old Flip Wilson joke where Flip says, "The Devil made me do it!" Meaning, of course, that whatever Flip had done wrong wasn't his fault, but The Devil's.
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  17. GlocksterPaulie

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    He waited for his opportunity and took it, one of the best things he could of done.

  18. Yeah, It's a shame what drugs do to people...he was after drugs...not sure what else to say here. He's an addict. Anyway, justice served.
  19. Im confused. I thought it was guns that made people rob other people. Now you're telling me its drugs that do it.

  20. A client of mine was hit recently enough...the thieves stole a lot of drugs (street value >$200k).

    They crooks were apprehended. None of them had anything resembling a drug habit. They had inside knowledge as to what was in the facility, and saw a way of making some quick cash.

    There is nothing you quoted that conclusively demonstrates, or even infers that the dead guy was stealing drugs for himself, so I would have to (this one time! :)) agree with MPTD. :faint:


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