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    Our legislature shut down yesterday without passing the Democrats' violations of our civil right to self-defense. Every bill wanting to make it easier for felony drunk drivers and those who engaged in vehicular manslaughter I worked against and used firearms as an example.

    I also emailed them, before that, to kill the bills infringing on the rights of those who have clear criminal and mental health records from restrictive, absurd, and arbitrary gun control laws. They did not have "enough time" to allow me to testify when I signed up and appeared.

    I am a retired correctional officer who spent a great deal of time generating paperwork subject to judicial review and have testified in a capital case. Death was too good for him and his appeals will last until he dies of natural causes, but he is spending 23 hours a day in a cell and only gets out with leg and wrist restraints.

    My personal preference is intruders survive and the wounds make them WISH they were dead. I live with two women; both of which are trained with firearms and one of which carries a concealed weapon with a permit. They have been instructed to aim carefully as I do not want to be caught in the crossfire as they stop an intruder. The rule for the house is 3 yards, three seconds, three shots in a controlled triplet.

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  5. You may want to consider joining OFF (Oregon Firearms Federation) to keep up on all the latest antics by the anti-gun politicians in the state. They keep a very close eye out for all legislation that may infringe upon our Constitutional rights and keep you updated via email. It's a very worthwhile organization.

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    I am on their list. I am generally ahead of the curve when it comes to legislation and the Oregon Legislature dismissed on Monday. I am on the Oregon Legislature's notification list as well for legislation and public announcements. Further, if a car accident, drug bust, or misuse of firearms happens, I get a notice from the Oregon State Police and others. I also get newsletters and notifications from Pro Gun legislators when I need to apply more pressure. Typically, I am ahead of them as well.
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