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  1. Its raining down here and I realized I haven't posted much lately but here are a few hunting/fishing pictures from the past couple months!

    1st place in the big 20 division of the River City Classic!

    739lbs in 20 fish!


    A really cool yellow Bighead Carp.. I only know of a couple of these being shot ever! This one is going on my wall!



    Opening weekend of early goose season, 2 shy of a 3 man limit!

    Canton did an awesome job retrieving the birds for us! Always a pleasure to watch her work!



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  3. Quick 15 minute teal hunt yesterday out at my farm!


    I messed up and wore hip boots instead of waders, I found a beaver run and went up to about belly button deep in water and mud ha! Oh well it was worth it!


    Two old friends..My benelli and the only hat I really wear when hunting!


    Teal are about my favorite duck to eat!


    I was scouting for teal last week and the cottonmouths were really out and about! Friday afternoon I was out at the farm looking for birds and noticed something had muddied up the water around the old busted beaver dam. I figured it was a nutria rat since I had seen some a couple days before out there. I happened to have my Glock 20 in the truck so I grabbed it and went to step out of the truck. Well I stepped out of the truck ONTO a cottonmouth's tail! I noticed something move under my left foot and that lightbulb went off! I jumped straight up and shot three times as the snake scurried off into the bushes on the ditch bank! I regained my composure about the time the wounded (grazed it towards the tail) snake hit the bottom of the ditch bank and crossed the small sliver of water. I lined up my sights and put a coup de gras shot in it when it started back up the bank! Yesterday evening we killed another one trudging through the mud headed back to the truck after the teal hunt! My buddy almost got popped yesterday evening! Both instances were a little too close for comfort!

    Mr. Cottonmouth introduced to a 180gr XTP out of the glock 20.


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  4. Your pictures make me jealous.

    Nice pictures! Keep'em coming!
  5. Thanks bud! I appreciate the kind words!
  6. Robalero

    Robalero Texican

    Thanks for sharing, those pics are awesome and beautiful!
  7. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Southern Rogue.
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    Cotton.'08. :dunno:
  8. Thanks Robalero!

    Kirgi08, Yes..that is cotton! We grow cotton, soybeans, and corn on our land.
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  9. kirgi08

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  10. HeliGlock

    HeliGlock HeliGlock

    Awesome Pictures Chevy, looks like you all have had some Great Hunting.:wavey:
  11. Thanks fellas! This cold snap has got me fired up for deer and duck seasons!
  12. Hummer

    Hummer Big Member

    There's a truckload of fish there, how do you eat them? Good thing you got the G20 to work for you. Did you eat him too? :)

    Why do you like teal? (serious question, I haven't done much duck hunting). Better than Mallards? Notice any difference between the Blue-winged and Green-winged Teal?

    Thanks for the look into fishing and hunting in your part of the country. :thumbsup:
  13. Those fish are highly invasive species that wreak havoc on our waterways. They are closely related to the "jumping" carp you may have seen on tv (silver carp is their real name but most people just call them "the jumping fish" or "Asian Carp"). Those particular fish were made into fertilizer for a buddies food plots. I give away several thousand pounds of fish each year to folks who are glad to take them. I don't eat the Silver Carp or Bigheads even though i've heard they aren't too bad! Some folks love them though and 9/10 times I can give my fish away in a couple of phone calls.

    No, I don't eat cottonmouths. I have eaten rattle snake before though and it was good!

    I've never noticed a difference between green and blue wing teal. I am not one of those people who thinks some ducks are not fit to eat (Ie divers and shovelers). The key is drawing as much blood out of them as possible by soaking in salt water then a good marinade. With teal, I usually skip the soaking them in salt water. May be the fact they are smaller and have less "gamey" taste in the meat but i've never found it necessary to soak them. Most other ducks get soaked for 12-14 hours before marinating it!
  14. Been hunting a lot lately which is why I haven't been on the site much, here are some pictures from a few successful hunts

    First critter with the 40 Shield ha
  15. gjk5

    gjk5 Pinche Gringo

    wow, great pics.

    the only duck I won't try again is Merganser, tastes like ass. The rest of them can be made to work.
  16. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    This is a pic my brother took one day, of the closest body of water to the ranch. The Colo. River. It was 100 ft deep in the middle a few years ago, and ran down through a deep deep canyon. We used to jump of the canyon rim into the river.

    In fact, just stepping off the bank was an instant 40 ft drop in the water to bottom on the edge....

    So, now look at it ! Our drought is very serious.


    I am so very happy for Chevy and others that can enjoy the outdoors in the "type of hunting" they are doing that requires water ! haha. I am blessed to see these pics Chevy and pray you giys continue to be blessed with such a precious resource !

    Great pics as always, and thanks for them. Enjoy it all while its here amigo ! ;)

    Official west Texas rain gage ! ha


    Stay safe Chevy, and enjoy the great outdoors in the water fowl part for sure ! We got a good deal of other cool things on the ranch to hunt, from huge cats to inda black buck and you name it, but i do miss the fishing/boating, and duck huntin ! ;)

    God bless y'all

  17. Great pics / story!!! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Ha on that rain gauge :faint:

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