A couple of high-end models!

Discussion in 'TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club' started by NitLion, Oct 8, 2012.

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  3. PEC-Memphis

    PEC-Memphis Scottish Member

  4. yoni

    I would rather buy 2 Glock 35's and a .357sig barrel for each and then spend the rest of the cash on ammo.

    Besides I think those 1911's will be just as high maintenance, as the models in the second post.
  5. Well I see the EB didnt sell and would bet neither will the other! As for the 2nd post, how much???:devildance::devildance:
  6. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr trout fear me!

    My G35/357Sig is one of my most accurate pistols ever, two handed and standing. With the accuracy, recoil, overall performance, and price, it has become a real favorite.

    It also does well for me as a 9X19.
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  7. I love my G24/357sig! Talk about a long range pistol:supergrin:

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