A challenge to the missing centrists...

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Cambo, Feb 17, 2013.

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    So there's no theatrical component to the presidential race? The average voter doesn't consider the cool factor?

    You, my friend, are not easily fooled. You are a fool.

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  2. I'm not a Democrat. Simply calling me a Democrat over and over doesn't make me one. I will vote Democrat is certain situations, and I will vote Republican in certain situations, and I will vote other or not vote at all in certain situations. I'm not a partisan. Just because it's so difficult for you to understand that you don't have to be a Democrat to give the Republicans a well-deserved bashing, it doesn't change the reality of who I am.

    Everything I said in my post about Republicans applies equally or more to Democrats. But the problem in this forum isn't people thinking Democrats will save the country. If I were tempted to frequent Democrat-dominated forums (which I'm not), i would adjust my message accordingly. Surely there are others on those forums who are doing that instead of me. I can't be everywhere.

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    Your posts suggest you are.'08.
  4. That's one difference between the two parties. In my mind an impoprtant one. At least, as you have stated, the republicans may protect our RKBA. We know for a fact, and have known it for decades, that the democrat progressives have an undying desire to disarm the populace of this country. If your 2nd ammendment rights are as important to you as one can infer from some of your statements, you'll have a hard time making a sensible argument for voting for a POTUS from the proven gun grabbing party...especially after seeing the power grab made by the executive branch under this wannabe dictator. You can advance your gridlock argument all you want. Fail. Voting for the blatantly anti-liberty gun grabbing progressive dems makes no sense unless the other differences between the parties that are manifested in the progressive movement's pop culture - thug- hip hop society - cool factor - racist - give away the farm - "fairness" principles trump liberty for you.
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    I surely hope not!
  6. What do you call someone that only bashes one side? Surely in all of the threads here you can point out where you've bashed the Democrats, liberals, progessives. I know it's been pointed out to you multiple times by me and others on here. Your actions will show who you are and what you believe. You will speak up for and defend what you believe in and will speak against and condemn what you don't believe in. Your history speaks for you almost as much as your words do.

    What's the difference between a Democrat and someone that votes for Democrats with full knowledge of their philosophies, policies, and views and them blames Republicans for not standing up to and blaming them for Democrats getting their legislation passed?
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    There, I think I get it now. :supergrin:
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    If you want to lose your guns, one could start by voting for democrats.
  9. I get it,

    "I'm not a Democrat, I am just experimenting with it recreationally"
  10. Saying "fail" doesn't make something a fail. Gridlock is one of the most important "functions" of government, and is why it was set up the way it was. If gridlock didn't matter, voting for any gun grabber, regardless of party, makes no sense. Romney is a gun grabber and you voted for him. You figured that he wouldn't be able to grab guns in his position as a Republican president. You knew he's a gun grabber but you voted for him nonetheless. Well, I figured Obama wouldn't be able to grab guns in his position as a Democrat president, due to the aforementioned gridlock.

    If your vote for a gun grabber made sense, so did mine.
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  11. I never heard Romney or the republicans flat out say that they wanted to dispose of our RKBA. He basically signed a renewal of exisiting legislation as the governor of a state that is populated by people who want gun control. That's sort of his job. He never introduced legislation nor issued executive orders aimed at grabbing guns. I didn't think he wouldn't try to squash my RKBA because he couldn't. I was pretty darned sure he didn't want to. You made up my reasoning and you failed again. Besides, you don't know who I voted for now do you? By the way, how is your pro-gridlock vote working out? Added over $6T to the debt (and they're just getting started), credit downgrade (another right around the corner), stuck economy, stuck unemployment numbers, increased taxes, huge government bureaucracy, half the population now receiving the other half's money for doing nothing, lost taxpayers money with the casino green energy bets nad car company bailouts, corruption at a level where they don't even try to hide it anymore...need I say more??
  12. When you say that certain types of widely used, highly appropriate guns have no place in a place you're elected to represent, you want to dispose of our RKBA.

    Maybe signing the bill was his job, but saying what he did after he signed it was not.
  13. Somebody's not doing their job, wouldn't you say?
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  14. Yeah...the voters.
  15. Umm, they kicked a bunch of Dems out of the House to give control of it to the new wave of "Tea Party" Republicans. What more do you want?
  16. Listen...I'm not trying ot defend anybody. You voted for a communist activist progressive liberal. A few "tea party" supported reps and senators got by you in 2010. Lucky for you they haven't been able to muster a lot of influence yet, or you might actually see gridlock. You don't want gridlock, you want what the progressives gave us during Bush's time and then jacked up orders of magnitude from 2008 to 2012 with the thing we have in teh whitehouse cheel leading the entire collapse. Congratulations, you won. But, when your make believe gun gets taken away, don't feign disgust and blame republicans.

    Stop blaming the politicians. They're just people (sort of). Some suck and some don't. The voters hire who they want.

    One correction...the "Tea Party" republicans kicked out a few democrats, but they did NOT gain control of the House. Please try not to make up history.
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    just think how many N Koreans could be fed from his stable of girlfriends....even the diseased one
  18. The cud chewer?

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  19. Funny how you don't even try to disguise the fact that you're arguing against a straw man.
  20. Please enlighten me. Alot of folks on this forum do that...sqeal Ad Hominem and Strawman when those terms are't really appropriate.
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