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  1. "Glock's shoddy design" for .45 ACP? :rofl: "...the 45 ACP being a low pressure round..." is what the .45 ACP Glocks were designed to shoot. "The Glock 21 is the only gun that I've ever seen a bulged 45 ACP case from." After 20,000 rounds, give or take a few thousand, I've never seen a "bulged" case emerge from my .45 Glocks--ACP or GAP!

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  2. In all honesty, I have had 0 issues with case bulges in my 10mm, 40S&W, or the 357sig. run'em through my Lee dies and shoot'em. my S&W 1006 bulges cases worse than my Glocks!

  3. I didn't refer to any of your 20,000 rounds, give or take. The Glock 21 is still the only .45 ACP pistol that I have seen a bulged .45 ACP case from. It was a Remington 230gr FMJ. The bulge was so bad, it wouldn't go into a re-sizing die.

    Ammo from that same box was fired in a Colt 1911A1 and the case was still shaped the same as before it was fired.
  4. things I have noticed through the years most K BOOMS are 40 cal

    least amount of K BOOMS 9mm
  5. SHOOTER629

    SHOOTER629 Let's Roll !

    Just to show any gun can KB! :whistling:
  6. I don't know what to tell you, other than you may have gotten a defective piece of brass.

    I have had .45 ACP brass not go into a .45 ACP case gauge, but the brass was mixed and some had most certainly been fired in 1911s I used to shoot 1911s.). Some of the brass was much used, so excessive expansion is certainly a possibility. Just about all of those cases failing the check chambered and fired just fine in a G21. Still, none were visibly bulged.

    As an aside, I've never had a problem with .45 GAP brass fired in one of my Glocks--or the once-fired GAP brass a GT member helped me score. All fit easily after resizing.
  7. Boy this has been an interesting read even tho it's looong. Feb 2012 my G30SF only 1 mo old, "kaboomed" with split frame, blown mag (hit and killed my rt shoe sole" destroyed trigger etc. No damage to upper...slide, barrel, extractor or other. Using Lawman factory ammo blown case at 6 o'clock. Slight damage to my rt hand scratches on my face and arms..Yeah boy that was fun...All the forensic examination says bad load, Glock replaced gun with only $47.00 charge...Happy w/ Glock pissed at "Lawman/Speer" said it could not have been their problem as no other reported failures...Don't believe in lawsuits but a good ol fashion butt kicking might be needed foe those who don't make mistakes..Gun back ran 300 rds last Monday..alls good
  8. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    :shocked: Actually I'm very glad you weren't more seriously injured! I've been trying to remain silent; but, THIS I can't resist:

    Do you ever get the feeling that, 'You're back in high school. It's prom night; and you're, still, a virgin.' ;)
  9. Yeah, but....
  10. Ever noticed how little kids will say when asked Who did that/" "I dunno" That dude is known worldwide Responsibility and integrity is doing the right thing even if noone is watching.
  11. What I got, defective, was a Glock 21 with a Glock barrel in it. I shoot reloaded 45 ACP, in a 1911 until the case mouth splits.

    The fact that your 45 brass would not go, in the 45 case gauge and then ran perfectly, in your Glock pistol should prove that your Glock chamber is too large,.

    Never mind about your case gauge, my 45 brass wouldn't go in a resizing die. What took so long to get here? I thought this was dead, last year.
  12. I waas observing a CHL class in Texas and noticed a lady who was single firing a Glock .40 cal. My curiosity got the best of me so I checked her gun out. She had been firing (10-12 rounds) 9mm in her .40 S&W Glock. I'll try to upload some pics of the brass. No harm was done to the gun or any shooter


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  13. Arc Angel

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    :wow: Gasp!

    And she didn't have a clue? I've heard of ghetto convenience store bandits doing things like this; but, personally, I've never witnessed anything even close to such incredibly naive behavior.

    (Although I do have a friend who consistently loads semi-auto pistol magazines backwards before handing them to me. THAT can really slow the gun down!) :supergrin:
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  14. The economy has really gotten bad. People are having to cut expenses everywhere. 9mm, in a 40 S&W gun is a pretty bad money saver. It's not dangerous, just not much velocity and accuracy.
  15. I'm 56 and have been a shooter most of my life and a reloader for over 20 years. I also work in a technical profession full of acronyms. KB is Kilobyte, Keyboard, Knowledge Base, Kick Back, and a lot of other things. When I was in school I was taught not to use any abbreviation or acronym until AFTER you have defined the term. This is not the place to exhibit your secret handshakes. A forum is for information sharing. Unless you say what you're talking about it's just so much jibberish!
  16. Seriously?!? KB is KABOOM? I found it in post #367 of this thread...
  17. Does this help?

  18. I had one today in a 23. It was the 4th round and I was shooting Federal Hydra-shocks ammo. Can't get it field stripped. It's a Gen 3 and hasn't been shot very much. Blew out the mag and I got some residue on the inside of my trigger finger and on the bottom edge of my support hand. I'm not sure yet what the extent of the damage is.

    UPDATE: got the case out and the pistol appears undamaged! Seems to be just an over blown case. Whew...
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