A better use for golf balls

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by MtnBiker, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Depending on the rules at your outdoor range, try this.

    Toss a golf ball about 20 feet in front of your firing position. Now have at it with your .22. The best shot placement is lower-center to make it hop.

    And I've thought golf balls to be completely useless for all these years!

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  2. JaPes

    JaPes Rimfire 1010101

    Brilliant idea!

    I think this can be the genesis of a new .22lr competition. How about put out a circular zone, and the shooter who can get their ball closest to the center wins.

  3. Been shooting golf balls for twenty years. The right hit with a .44 Magnum will knock 'em farther than Tiger Woods' driver.
  4. Seems like fun! any danger of a ricochet? I shoot a lot of cbs (because of the noise) would they be too weak?
  5. Never had a ricochet from golf balls, regardless of the caliber of the round (much safer than swinging steel targets, which I've abandoned because of ricochets).

    If you hit 'em right, CB's will move golf balls, too.

    My son occasionally works near golf courses, so I have a free, steady supply of white orbs that he finds in woods and fields.

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