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    WhenMonkeysFly...Awesom! Great report!

    My last test occured too late in the day and I loss the light and the CHRONY struggled to give good readings so I had to put off the test.

    The few I did get readings on...
    Smith & Wesson 1006 with Bar-Sto 9X25 conversion 5" barrel
    Zero 121gr 0.356" JHP (should be a good hunting bullet)
    AA#9 13.0 grains
    Velocity 1389 fps

    Smith & Wesson 1006 with Bar-Sto 9X25 conversion 5" barrel
    Zero 121gr 0.356" JHP (should be a good hunting bullet)
    AA#7 11.2 grains
    Velocity 1363 fps

    Both of these loads seem to have room for more development. I'd like to atleast see 1550-1600 fps from these Zero 121gr 0.356" JHP. I did see those numbers from the 10.2 grain Power Pistol loads. I hope to get more testing in soon, but I had a umbilical hernia surgery which needs to heal properly befor I do any heavy stuff.

    I was going to try the Glock 29 out with the Lone Wolf Dist. 9X25 conversion Std length, but when I slipped the slide & conversion barrel on the frame the recoil rod jumped off and locked things up, rather than fool with it in the field, I waited till I got home to disassemble the thing. I really want some numbers from the short barrel.

    I did manage to test my muzzle loader (Winchester APEX 45 cal.), it had been loaded since last November with Hornady 200 grain XTP in Harvester sabot, over 100 grain equivalant of (BP) Triple 7 which gave a velocity 1970 fps.

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  2. Here's a picture of 9x25 Dillon with 95 Grain Montana Gold JHP; Primer/Casing Shots of Blue Dot, 15 Grains and 12.2 Grains of Longshot. Comments?


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  3. Short continuation of previously posted data. Primarily wanted to see if the Titanium Striker fixed the misfire problem, which it did :) Again, Sea Level, 85 degrees, slight breeze (thankfully), 6" Lone Wolf Barrel.

    String 1 - Double Tap 9x25 Dillon 90 Grain FMJ (Mike McNett's)

    1) 1768.0 -20.3
    2) 1804.0 15.7
    3) 1793.0 4.7

    High: 1804.0
    Low: 1768.0
    E.S.: 36.0
    Ave.: 1788.3
    S.D.: 18.4
    95%: ±56.0

    String 2 - Double Tap 9x25 Brass, New, Resized with Dillon 9x25 Dies; 12 Grains of Longshot; CCI 350 LPM; OAL: 1.260 (These charges were weighed twice for consistency - nice ES if I can increase the N.)

    1) 1909.0 -4.3
    2) 1910.0 -3.3
    3) 1916.0 2.7
    4) 1918.0 4.7

    High: 1918.0
    Low: 1909.0
    E.S.: 9.0
    Ave.: 1913.3
    S.D.: 4.4
    95%: ±8.1

    I would have lots more data, but I shot one of the arms on my chronograph... CRAP!
    Anyway the change to a Lightning Strike Titanium Striker fixed the misfire issue. Nice, crisp, light trigger now.
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  4. I did the same thing, about 65rds into my FIRST time out with the chrony. I went to OSH and picked up some wood dowels that were about the same diameter of the metal rods, cut them to length and narrowed the ends to fit. I have 12 wooden rods in my range bag in case it ever happens again, but I was able to straighten out the metal rod in a vise.

    It's good to see another 9x25 Dillon loader all fired up! I just picked up some Winchester (.356) 88gr JHP's to load. I'm hoping they aren't as tricky to seat straight as the XTP's have been. It looks like that 95gr MG is a good choice too. Good Job WMF!
  5. Awesome to see more data, Guys!!!!

    I'll have some more to add as well....soon, I hope. I did a bunch of Speer 158 Gr. JHP's. I'll post the data as soon as I find my book. We're in the middle of a house reno. There's crap everywhere!!!

    Stay tuned.

  6. Sea Level, 65* F
    6" LWD Barrel
    Wolff 22# Spring
    1.26 OAL
    Hodgdon Longshot
    CCI350 Primers
    115gr XTP
    9x25 Dillon Die sized Starline Brass

    Ave: 1705
    ES: 22

    Ave: 1708
    ES: 27

    Ave: 1712
    ES: 37

    Ave: 1751
    ES: 51

    Ave: 1752
    ES: 15

    I also put (10) more of my 90gr XTP/12.2gr Longshot/CCI350 loads through the chrono, just to confirm the numbers from previous testing. They are consistent with my last chrono session, averaging 2048fps with an ES of 27.
  7. SWEET! A 9mm Magnum. Primers and cases look okay?
  8. Primers and cases all look good. I'm sure I could push it a little harder if I really wanted to, but I'm more than happy with the 11.2gr load.
  9. jr10

    I was wondering if anyone has experimented with the 147grain Golden saber bullet in the 9x25? I was going to try some loads with Unique, Blue dot and
    800x. I have a Glock 20 with a standard Lone wolf barrel. I can't seem to find any col numbers. I will be using new Double Tap brass. Any ideas or help
    would be greatly appreciated.:cool:
    Thanks in advance,
  10. FTC


    guys- all the data here has gotten me hooked on the 9x25. ive been working up loads with the data here and the old lyman published stuff. one of these days ill have to get a chrono so i have something to add here.

    do you guys have problems with bullets seating crooked? is it even a big deal? nothing terrible but noticeable by eye. am i belling the case too much or not enough? or is it just making sure the bullet starts straight? they tend to tip in the case before being seated. im running a dillon die set thru a single stage with an RCBS 9mm expander.
  11. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    You may be having issues with the seating plug...If the seater die is a Dillon have you tried to flip the plug over? One side for round nosed bullets, the other for flat nosed bullets.
  12. FTC


    yup, got that figured out- round side for ball and flat side for xtp, etc...
    its more noticeable with the round

  13. I had issues initially with XTP's seating crooked using the Dillon seater die. I tried both sides of the seater plug, and both RCBS 9mm seater stems in an RCBS 10mm seater die. I tried making sure the bullets were perfectly straight before seating. I tried seating them really slowly. I also tried slamming down the handle on my press to see if seating them faster would make them straight. The only thing that helped me was belling the cases more. I still get the occasional slightly crooked XTP, but for the most part they are all seating straight now. I did a google search, and found out that the 9mm XTP is difficult to seat straight in general. I want to try 90gr GDHP's, maybe 95gr MG JHP's, and 115gr MG or Zero JHP's to see if they are easier to seat straight than the XTP's are.
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  14. FTC


    well im glad im not the only one. ive found the 90g xtps difficult to seat as well, not as much a problem with the 115xtps. also some remington 88g hp were not wanting to seat straight either. ill have to play with the expander a little i guess. it seemed i was over expanding but the bullets barely sit into the opening and kind of teeter.
  15. I was having the same problem with the XTP's....so I used a RCBS 9mm expander die to flare the case mouth. It meant an extra step, but it worked really well.

    If you want to load .357 diameter bullets like the Speer 158 gr. JHP or 110 gr. GDHP just use a .357 expander plug.

    All the bullets I tried seated straight and had no feeding issues in the gun.



  16. I've also been using the RCBS 9mm expander die, and I believe FTC is too.

    While I'm at it, I've been meaning to ask about the pros & cons of using .355/.356/.357 Jacketed bullets. Should I slug my barrel to see what it actually is? I have read conflicting info about what diameter bullet the 9x25 Dillon is designed to use. Some manufacturers 9mm bullets are strictly .355, and some are strictly .356, so I'm a little lost.
  17. In my case, .355 and .357 both worked. I just had to remember to switch expander plugs or I was dealing with crunched cases.

    I haven't slugged my barrel, but both sizes fed and fired without issue. Accuracy was quite good as well....from what I could tell from limited testing, anyway.

  18. _The_Shadow

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    I'm using some Zero 121 gr 0.356" Jacketed HP from my S&W 1006 with the Bar-Sto barrel and Glock 29 with the Lone Wolf Dist. barrel. These Zero bullets were made for the 38 Super and the 9x23's so I figure they would hold together better than the Gold Dots for hunting.

    My cast bullets are sized to 0.356" also and have been great also.

    I have used the Double Tap with Gold Dots which are 0.355" the 90 gr bullets are not as accurate as the 115 gr & 125 gr GD's.

    I often thought the 0.357" might be to much but it seems Mike/Gun-adian's gun handles them.

    BTW I'm also using the RCBS 9mm expander for mine as well.
  19. I have been loading up some 115gr XTP's for hunting, but lately I've been eyeing Zero's 115gr JSP (.356/38 Super). How do you think those would fare versus a 115gr XTP @ 1750fps?

    I'm thinking the 90gr-95gr JHP's @ 2000fps would be like Varmint Grenades, and the 115gr JHP/JSP's @ 1750fps would be more of a Coyote type load.
  20. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    The Hornady's are a great bullet and a true copper Jacket. I like the data that you have got from them. You would like the Zero product & pricing I am quite sure, the bullets are very uniform in sizing and weight.

    The Zero Bullets are aslo a true copper jackets and I'm thinking they are slightly thicker jackets because they are made for the 38 Super performance. I'm still trying to test more of these 121 grain HP's to settle on a load to do up 500 rounds in my DT brass.

    We are starting to see more companies going to plated bullets and more may go that route in the near future to use less copper. Speer's Gold Dots are of a plated design but they have great quality and uniformity specific to cartridge/caliber for expansion with core bonding in the process. I have heard many complaints about shearing and keyholing with projectiles of other manufactures. There has also been some improvements to some of those recently.(Berry)

    Speer and others are also producing plated bullets which are designed for rifle use and velocities so that interesting to look into as well.

    I sure wish I knew what powder Mike is using in the ones he sells. I disassembled the 90/115/125 grain GD and recorded the powder charge weights but identifing the powder has led me nowhere. The flakes are about the size of Blue dot flakes but they are more of a flatten ball type and the color is so shiny that it looks almost like chrome. His loads performed very well in my S&W 1006 5" barrel. I so want to duplicate those loads as the velocity vs. pressure was on the money.

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