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Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by MCNETT, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. veprx4

    Success! Fired over 50 reloaded 9x25 Dillon rounds with no issues whatsoever.:cool: I used a metal straight edge and a piece of .003" shim stock to check the headspace adjustment before locking down the sizing die. Thanks to all for your helpful feedback. :cheers:

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  2. That's great! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with 9x25.
    DM1906 had alot of great points which I do agree with generaly. I would comment that one big reason to have proper headspacing 0n 9x25 and 357sig is that proper headspace will increase the life of your brass. These bottlenecks tend to crack at the neck and shoulders so the less the brass has to blow out to fit your chamber the more times you can use it. Also I have a Berretta in 357sig that won't reliably headspace off the extractor.

  3. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    veprx4, Like it when a plan comes together! Good to see things are working out for you and this cartridge...
  4. I thought I would ask a question to you guys. I got the 9x25 bug again and want to play with the 158gr deap curl .357 Speer bullet. Looking for some advice on powder and start charge.
  5. JT, I can't be much help to you because I have no actual experience loading 158 grain bullets in 9x25. I tend to shoot 125 gr. My Lee manual shows a 357sig load for a 147 gr XTP. I would think if you started at the starting loads for that weight bullet (or slightly less) you would be OK. With Longshot, they show a starting load of 6.5 grains.
    If you have 9x25 147gr loads worked up these should give you some idea of a starting load. If not you might try some 147gr before playing with the 158 gr.
    Do you intend to size the Speer's down to .355 or .356? I shoot .356 in my 9x25 with no problems but have not shot .357. I think it would work but may contribute to higher pressure.
    Another thing to consider is that the .357 diameter may cause jams due to the width of the loaded round at the neck. With .356 I have noticed that I can't use too much crimp as this can create a slight bulge which can prevent the round from fully seating in a tight chamber.
    If you don't size the bullets down it might also be a good idea to have some freebore off the forcing cone at least until you have worked up loads and OAL. Of course this may already be dictated by the length of your mag, chamber ect.
    Let us know what you come up with.
    P.S. Nice to know someone is able to get reloading supplies, tough to find around here right now!
  6. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Hello JT, someone mentioned they were loading a 180 grain but I don't remember any load data being discussed.

    Gun-adian did some 147 gr with Blue Dot
    Hornady 147 gr. JHP-XTP.
    CCI #300 primers
    5 shot strings

    8.5 gr. Blue Dot
    1) 1197 fps
    2) 1124 fps
    3) 1178 fps
    4) 1201 fps
    5) 1192 fps

    9 gr. Blue Dot
    1) 1304 fps
    2) 1270 fps
    3) 1267 fps
    4) 1297 fps
    5) 1299 fps

    While I think it is possible, velocity wise I think the velocity may be a little too low for bullet performance. (fearing the Deep Curl were more for 357 carbine and 35Rem rifle)

    Bullet length will be long and seated depths occupying case capacity. I have shot 38Spl using cast and gas checked RCBS 180 gr Silhouette bullets using 8.0 grains of Blue Dot so I don't thing that would be a bad starting point.

    Powders like 296/H110 may provide more push with less pressures.

    Good luck! I'll be looking to see how you do.
  7. Hornady 90gr. XTP over 14.0 gr. Blue Dot (WLP)

    Had one case separate from this small batch (50 rounds)... Brass reloaded for third time. Some of the case shoulders/necks do not look consistent. Used 9mm expanding die as well.

    Shoddy work on my part? Ever have this happen?

    Thanks, any feedback would be appreciated.


  8. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    OK first thing is head spacing...It looks like you are setting the shoulder back too much. The case is going inside the chamber too deeply and when held by the extractor hook the case is stretching out when fired. The way to correct that is to back off on the sizing die, you will want the case to fit the barrel and be within 0.0"(Flush to the barrel hood) to -0.002" below as a max.

    What is happening is every time you fire them, it is working the brass at the shoulder and usually the separation occurs at the shoulder or neck, however it can separate anywhere on the case as it tries to stretch back out, to fill the chamber dimensions.

    I size mine to be as flush with the barrel hood as possible. The less case expansion front to back the better!

    Good luck and best regards!
  9. Yogi86

    Does anyone have any experience reloading 9x25 Dillon useing Berrys 115 grain thick plated hollow base bullets? Is there any problems using these hollow base bullets?
  10. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Yogi86, welcome to the forum! :) Here is my thinking on them, the thicker plating should work...I had asked Berry's a while back about their thicker plating for 10mm and they did say that it would be better at higher velocities. With the 9x25, Bullet set back is what you want to avoid, so being careful with neck tension is crucial. Don't over crimp them as to cut thru the plating.
    If they were 0.356" diameter that would even be better.

    A lot of people don't realize that the Gold Dots are thick plated. Berry's was due to come out with a Plated HP of their own, they were said to be shipping to cartridge manufactures first then as a component product.

    Best regards and good luck!
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  11. Hey gang. It's been awhile.

    I found some more 9x25 data/results from about two years ago. Hope this helps.....

    Gun - Glock 20
    Barrel - 6" Lone Wolf
    Bullet - Speer 158 gr. JHP .357 Dia. (Part #4211)
    Brass - reformed Starline 10mm
    Primer - CCI #350
    Powder - Hodgdon H-110

    Velocity @ 12 gr.
    1) 1202
    2) 1182
    3) 1190
    4) 1183
    5) 1150
    Extreme Spread : 52

    Velocity @ 12.5 gr.
    1) 1166
    2) 1202
    3) 1219
    4) 1234
    5) 1203
    Extreme Spread : 68

    Velocity @ 13 gr.
    1) 1221
    2) 1242
    3) 1229
    4) 1246
    5) 1241
    Extreme Spread : 25

    Velocity @ 13.5 gr.
    1) 1241
    2) 1314
    3) 1323
    4) 1280
    5) 1306
    Extreme Spread : 82

    Velocity @ 14 gr.
    1) 1328
    2) 1330
    3) 1319
    4) 1335
    5) 1332
    Extreme Spread : 16

    14 gr. looks good for consistancy. I MAY look at squeezing a little more out of it, but I like what I see so far. Everything worked as it should and seemed accurate enough. I don't recall the brass being flung into the next time zone, either. IIRC, I was short on time so a dedicated accuracy test never happened.

    As always, this was MY gun. Your gun might behave differently so work up slowly.

    I think I now have a semi-auto .357 Mag without having to shell out a bunch of $$$$ for a Coonan or Desert Eagle. It's smaller and holds more bullets, too :)

  12. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    Please pardon my rudeness......

    Unless you've slugged your barrel AND throat, and find they are, in fact OVERSIZE, this load will destroy your barrel, and possibly the rest of the pistol, eventually. The 9x25D is a 3.55" bore (my LWD 6" slugs at 3.547, with a tight throat). Oversize jacketed bullets will erode the throat very quickly, in as little as a couple dozen rounds, and faster at +.002" at high velocity/pressure. You can get away with +.001", but the bore will still overheat quickly. If H110 wasn't so forgiving, you'd have a real problem. 14 grains is a very healthy dose, all else being ideal (around 14.5 is max for a 124 gr. correct size FMJ @ 1529). With the big charge and way oversize bullet, the pressures may get into the ozone. Slug that bore!
  13. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    I got some trigger tome with the new G-20SF using the Lone Wolf Dist. 6" 9x25Dillon barrel and got to see some real good numbers June 8th 2013...
    Dropped in the LWD 6" 9x25Dillon barrel and got the numbers I was looking for with my handloads...
    121 gr Zero JHP's 0.356" over 10.5 grains of LongShot
    1610 fps case expansion 0.4280"
    1591 fps case expansion 0.4280"
    1652 fps case expansion 0.4280"
    1648 fps case expansion 0.4280"
    Primers moderately flat

    110 gr Remington JHP 0.357" over 10.5 grains of LongShot
    1738 fps case expansion 0.4280"
    1732 fps case expansion 0.4280"
    Primers slightly flat

    125 gr Lyman Cast Devastator HP 0.356" Zombie Green painted over 10.5 grains of LongShot
    1642 fps case expansion 0.4275"
    Primers moderately flat
  14. @DM1906 - I don't consider costructive criticism a rudeness.

    My bore slugs out at .356" exactly. I've been experimenting with .357" bullets in this gun for a bit, up over 200 rounds. I've fired .355" 90 gr. Hornady XTP's (2000fps) side by side with .357" 110 gr. Speer GDHP's (1850fps) with no issues. The fired brass shows no signs of over-pressure. As I don't have access to a ballistics lab, I have no idea as to actual pressure. The only signs I can go on are flat primers, over-stretched cases and olympic distance brass flinging. In fact, the 10mm barrel throws the empties further than the 9x25 barrel.

    I invite you to view my previous results on this forum. (Post #50, 51, 54, and 60)

    Thanks for your input. As long as we keep asking questions, we all keep learning.

  15. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    Underwood 9x25Dillon Speer 125gr TMJ Pull-Down
    Cartridge is from Ammo Manufacture: Underwood 9x25Dillon Speer 125gr TMJ
    Ballistics Information: 9x25 Dillon
    Muzzle Velocity: 1700 fps
    Muzzle Energy: 802 ft. lbs
    Brass Make/Headstamp: Star Line – Brass 10mm headstamp
    Bullet Make/Weight/Construction/Info; Length 0.5400”/Dia. 0.3555”: Speer 125gr TMJ
    actual weight 125.4 grains crimp line 0.3540”
    C.O.A.L.: 4 @ 1.2725” & 1@ 1.2580”
    Primer: Brass color
    Case: Diameter 0.4215” Crimp Diameter 0.3770” Length 0.9885”
    Powder Description/Positive ID/Type/Charge Weight: IMR800X 11.0 grains




  16. I just scored 2 bags of those Remington 95gr Flat Point FMJ bullets. I did some testing of the 90gr gold dot going 2075fps a few months ago. We had Remington come to the store a few months ago. Thy where demoing there new law enforcement ammo to the cops at our range. Thy brought in a ton of ballistic gel. Well after the demo thy wanted to see how the Dillion preformed. So I shot there FBI certified gel with that 90gr gold dot that measured on there chrono at 2075fps. The block jumped quite a bit. When we looked at the gel the results where not good. Bullet penetrated about 1-2" and exploded. The Remington ballistic guy looked it over and said would not be bad for varmints but DO NOT use it for self defense. I asked why and he said the first 2-3" of the gel is considered The skin on a human target. He said you will not make it past the rib cage. He was concerned when I told him I had been carrying these rounds for the last few weeks. He said with this velocity you need at least a 124-125 bullet that can handle the velocity if you are going to use it as carry ammo. I just thought I would pass that along as I know of some people here that think this is a good carry load and I wanted to warn them. Here are some pictures of the ballistic gel below.

    So this brings us to the 95gr FP I think it will handle the velocity as it's a solid for the most part. And being a flat point will give it better penetration then a round nose. Any of you guys load these yet?





  17. Ya there is no mistaking that is for sure 800X. Hum 11grs with a 125gr bullet.

  18. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    JTKnives, congrats on the Remington 95 grain Flat Point FMJ bullets.Flat Point FMJ bullets. Thanks for you gelatin results with the 90 gr GD.

    Yes, the small 90 grain GD projectiles, don't seem hold up well at 9x25 velocities and longer range accuracy from my 5" barrel was pie plate size.

    I recently tested some 0.357" 110 grain JHP's @ 1735 fps for my new to me 6" BBL, that were interesting. I may run these thru the 0.356" sizer. However I'm still trying to put my hands on some Speer 0.357 Speer in 110 grain and someone is sending me a few Gold Dot 135 grain to test with. Looking forward to running them!

    Best regards!
  19. The guy above that said using oversized bullets will destroy your barrel is WRONG. Pressure is pressure is pressure plain and simple. Bigger bullet would be more pressure if the load was not worked for that bullet size. I have been shooting larger bullets for a long time and still good as new.
  20. Ok I tested my 158gr 357mag gold dots.
    CCI350, 158gr GD .357, 11gr AA#7, 6" Jarvis barrel= 1400fps says quickload.

    Everything ran fine and primers looked great. I do sometimes get a few round that wonder fully go into battery. I think this is because of the larger bullet and once the chamber gets dirty the neck of the case sticks. I'm going to try sizing the bullets down a little and see if that helps.


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