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    Here is where you will post 9X25 loading data.

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  3. All loads below are Winchester formed brass.
    CCI-350 primers
    COL 1.285" (The longest that would function in my G29 magazines).

    Measured velocities are from a 3.8" Barsto Barrel in a Glock 29. Chronograph is at 8 feet, and all are 5-shot averages.

    95 grain Remington FMJ (For 380 Auto)
    13.3 grains 800X (Primer falls out at 14.2 grains in MY gun, so this is MY max safe load of 94%)
    1772 FPS

    95 grain Rem FMJ
    9.8 Grains Universal Clays (same as above, primer falls out at 10.5)
    1677 FPS
    3/20/04 Update
    9.4 Universal Clays produced the desired MAX .4290 head expansion
    9.8 produces more than .4290 Head expansion for some rounds in MY GUN!

    95 grain Rem FMJ
    20.0 grains H108 (Case FULL. H108 is similar to AA#9 from what I understand)
    1656 FPS

    95 grain Rem FMJ
    21.5 grains H110 (Case Full)
    1556 FPS

    147 Speer Gold Dot
    11.0 grains 800X (From McNett)
    1438 FPS
    Need to investigate this load. It produces a few rounds with higher than desired head expansion in my gun. 4/5/04

    147 Silvertip
    15.6 grains H108 (Compressed load Hollowpoint slightly deformed)
    1306 FPS

    147 XTP
    15.6 grains H108 (Compressed load Hollowpoint slightly deformed)
    1351 FPS

  4. I don't have a Dillon press, so I also don't have the Dillon powder drop and expander system. 9X25 are my first set of Dillon Dies, and they have been a learning experience. I normally use Lee dies, and I guess I just understood all of their quirks and didn't think about them any more...The Dillon dies have their own quirks...

    I purchased the Lee .357 Sig Dies so I would have a powder through expander and a (more appropriate for my press) Lee-style bullet seat/crimp die.

    I find that the Dillon Sizer die extremely undersizes the neck, and my Lee .357 Sig powder-thru expander didn't have quite a long enough expander to open up all of the neck and allow bullets to seat properly. I kept getting crooked seating, collapsed necks and some wrinkled shoulders. I had to re-run the loaded cartridge through the sizer die to allow the round to chamber. I was getting pretty frustrated when > 50% of my cartridges wouldn't chamber properly!

    I found that pre-forming the brass with a .357 Sig die set to the proper 9X25 shoulder REALLY helps! Now, I don't have nearly as many problems with crooked seating or collapsed shoulders! I run NEW 10mm brass through the .357 Sig die FIRST, then through the 9X25 die. Now, I don't see that little 'ring' around the neck that Dillon talks about in their Die Brochure.

    I am beginning to think that the combined seat/crimp operation is not a good idea for a shouldered cartridge. I now get a few wrinkled necks with brass that is slightly long. I probably need to Seat the bullet with no crimp, then crimp separately (Which is what the Dillon dies already do... I just don't have enough stations on my Pro 1000! DOH!)

    Hope this helps!
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  6. I am getting tired of throwing away brass when the primer falls out, so I am working up to what I consider a safe head expansion in MY gun.
    There is no factory ammo available for Waters' method pressure workups. So, I used similar head expansion as DoubleTap in my Jarvis 10mm and 1911 10mm. Suprisingly, the average and max head expansion for both of those barrels with DoubleTap is the same...Both my Jarvis and 1911 show max head expansions with DoubleTap as .4290" (My Stock Glock barrels max at .4345 with DoubleTap)
    With my Barsto 9X25 barrel, primers start to fall out at .4296+ and bulges start at .4230+...I am shooting for a load that AVERAGES about .4285 and NEVER goes above .4290

    Glock 29 3.8" Barsto 9X25 Barrel. Headspace set to -.002" to allow for SOME dirtiness to the barrel.

    Winchester formed brass (none of it new)
    Rem 2 1/2 primers (Use caution with CCI-350s)
    COL 1.285 (The longest that will fit in my Magazines)
    Winchester 115 FMJ designed for the 9mm Luger. (Not optimal, but I have Thousands on hand...)
    I worked HS-7 up from 11.8. It doesn't burn cleanly at the lower powder charges and I had some difficulty with unburnt powder preventing complete chambering. I had to push the slide forward to get full chambering.
    14.9 grains HS-7 Lo=1599 Hi=1652 ES=53 A=1622 SD=20
    15.1 grains HS-7 Lo=1614 Hi=1661 ES=47 A=1631 SD=25
    15.3 grains HS-7 Lo=1626 Hi=1671 ES=45 A=1640 SD=18

    8.8 grains AA#2I Lo=1409 Hi=1443 ES=34 A=1427 SD=11
    8.5 grains Universal Clays (Raining the day I shot this, but head expansion max is .4290")

    147 Silvertip:
    10.0 grains VV n105 Lo=1191 Hi=1219 ES=28 A=1208 SD=11
    10.3 grains VV n105 Lo=1220 Hi=1232 ES=12 A=1224 SD=6
    10.6 grains VV n105 Lo=1235 Hi=1257 ES=22 A=1249 SD=8

    This is the tip of the experiment for N105. Head expansion is nowhere NEAR .4290 This powder has the potential to match 800X. I have seen 800X-like velocities in 10mm.
  7. Internal volumes of 9x25 @ 1.26 COL
  8. bdc

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    9X25 Dillon performs better with: Longer barrels, slower powders, heavier bullets.

    Grendelbane suggested using small rifle primers for their strength and support over the firing pin hole. This is probably a good idea, working up loads specifically with rifle primers, if your striker system can reliably fire them. It is not a new Idea, I knew competitors shooting 38 Super 30 years ago who where loading Blue Dot with rifle primers.
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  9. 147 Winchester Silvertips in R-P formed Nickel Brass.
    11.0 grains 800X ignited by Rem 2 1/2 primer.
  10. WOW I like the looks of those silvertips Where can I get info on converting a gun to the 9x25 DIllon and dies and such
  11. All you need is a barrel change for just about any 10mm chambered gun to shoot 9x25.
    There is a Group Purchase going on right now. I don't know how far it has progressed, but you MAY be able to get in on it if you call MCNETT at DoubleTap TODAY! If you miss the GP, then contact Barsto directly, and your barrel will likely only cost about $15-$20 more than the GP price.
    Dies are available Directly from Dillon.

  12. Got some time at the range Saturday.
    Same gun, brass, COL, primer as above.

    115 FMJ:
    VV N105
    wt    LO   HI  ES  Avg SD
    13.6 1554 1577 23 1565 10
    13.9 1581 1596 15 1586  6

    VV 3n38
    wt    LO   HI  ES  Avg SD
    13.6 1606 1619 13 1614  5
    3X shots each of Winchester 147 Silvertips:
    VV N105
    wt    LO   HI  ES  Avg SD
    11.5 1344 1349  5 1346  2
    11.7 1321 1372 51 1351 26

    VV 3n38
    wt    LO   HI  ES  Avg SD
    10.8 1264 1303 39 1288 21  
    Just for fun, and to get a HEAVIER Bullet:
    357 Magnum Lead Semi Wadcutter 158 grain
    Seated to 1.240" because the design of the bullet required it for my barrel

    158 PBSWC:
    wt    LO   HI  ES  Avg SD
    10.0 1195 1234 39 1212 19
    10.6 1267 1294 27 1280 13
    10.9 1295 1323 28 1307 10
    I need to revisit 800X and 147 grain bullets. I shot some 147 Gold Dots at 11.0 of 800X. I got good velocities (1449 Average), but the head expansions were more than any of the above loadings.

    I have also backed down on my 115 FMJ & AA#2I from 9.0 to 8.8 because 10 rounds of 9.0 yielded one round slightly greater head expansion than I want. (9.0 = 1453 FPS average)

    Stay Safe!
  13. bdc

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    You must have been reading my mind Sponge! Calculations and projections I have made concerning slow powders and short barrels during the past week indicates that the 158gr bullets are potentially second only to the 147gr overall, with PF numbers favoring the 158gr.

    I had actually hoped that the light weight bullets would have been better to continue the bullet weight range compared to the 10mm. Longer barrels are the only way to achieve that.

    The disappointment is that 10mm already has bullet weights in the 160gr range that will outperform 9x25 interior ballistics.
  14. The increased friction of a longer bullet with more surface area rubbing against the barrel is one factor against smaller diameter bullets when compared to larger diameter bullets of the same weight.

    Another thing that works against smaller diameter bullets is the smaller surface area of the base of the bullet. The .400 bullet has a .355 bullet beat by 27% in area of the base. Pressures (Pounds per square inch) being the same between 10mm and 9x25, The 9mm projectile has a significantly smaller area for the force to act upon. Thus, less total force is exerted on the smaller diameter bullet.

    The expansion factor of the gasses will be less with smaller diameter bullets causing the possibility of a different pressure curve with a more sustained peak pressure is the one thing that might HELP.

    The problem I encountered with the 158 grain bullets was the need to seat them deeper due to the design of the bullet and the design of the throat of my gun. A different bullet design might lend to a longer COL and more powder capacity....

    Heck, the main reason I did it was to see if 9x25 really is comparable to .357 Mag. IT IS! I have looked up 158 SWC data on the web. My effective revolver length barrel is about 2.5" (Subtract the COL from 3.8"). The velocity of 1300 FPS with a 158 grain bullet is typically quoted for 4" to 6" long barrels in 357 Magnum!

  15. Cal 9 x 25 DILLON

    Diametro palla = .355" A1) Test su arma = A2) Test su arma =
    Max lungh bossolo = 25,20 mm Lunghezza canna test = Lunghezza canna test =
    Trimmare il bossolo a = 25,10 mm Passo rigatura = Passo rigatura =
    Max lungh cartuccia = 31,80 mm

    P a l l a Lungh cart Innesco P o l v e r e - P o w d e r Note
    Bullet C.O.L. Primer M i n M a x
    Grains Grammi Marca - tipo mm inch Marca e tipo Marca e tipo Grains Grammi Velocità Pressione Energia Grains Grammi Velocità Pressione Energia
    100 6,48 Fiocchi FMJ TC 31,80 1,252 Fed 215 - LRM ACCURATE N°9 16,2 1,05 16,5 1,07
    115 7,45 Winchester FMJ 32,20 1,268 Fed 215 - LRM ACCURATE N°9 14,3 0,93
    115 7,45 Winchester FMJ 32,20 1,268 Fed 215 - LRM VIHTAVUORI N 110 15,1 0,98
    115 7,45 Winchester FMJ HP 32,20 1,268 Fed 215 - LRM VIHTAVUORI N 110 15,1 0,98
    124 8,04 Hornady FMJ FP 32,20 1,268 Fed 215 - LRM VIHTAVUORI N 110 14,2 0,92
    124 8,04 Hornady FMJ FP 32,20 1,268 Fed 215 - LRM ACCURATE N°9 12.7 0,03
    130 8,42 Hornady FMJ 32,20 1,268 Fed 215 - LRM VIHTAVUORI N 110 13,3 0,86
    130 8,42 Hornady FMJ 32,20 1,268 Fed 215 - LRM ACCURATE N°9 11,9 0,77

    Data from http://www.bordingl.com/z9x25.htm
  16. DC, that data has no velocities. It seems like something that you would print out and take to the range and fill in...

    I think N110 is a bit slow for 9x25. I have shot some H110, and it leaves my face gritty due to unburnt powder...AND doesn't produce very good velocities...
    AA#9 should be similar to my H108. H108 produces a decent velocity but is also too slow and leaves unburnt powder...
    In my opinion, you can't get enough of either powder in a 9x25 cartridge to cause overpressure problems...
  17. Loaded up some 9x25 with the WC820F HS-7 equivalent available from gibrass.com

    Well used Winchester formed brass.
    3.8" Barsto barrel in a G29
    CCI-350 primers
    COL 1.285"
    ~ 87F

    All loads below produced at or less than my desired max head expansion. 5 shot groups.

    95 FMJ
    16.5 Lo=1766 Hi=1785 Es=19 Avg=1775 SD=7

    115 FMJ
    13.9 Lo=1468 Hi=1523 Es=55 Avg=1489 SD=22
    14.2 Lo=1482 Hi=1518 Es=36 Avg=1504 SD=13

    147 Gold Dot Hollow Point
    12.1 Lo=1170 Hi=1294 Es=124 Avg=1261 SD=52
    12.4 Lo=1321 Hi=1343 Es=22 Avg=1332 SD=8

    Compare to an 800X workup:
    115 FMJ
    10.9 Lo=1495 Hi=1589 Es=94 Avg=1531 SD=41
    11.3 Lo=1584 Hi=1626 Es=42 Avg=1605 SD=29

    WC 820F matched my 800X load for 95 grain bullets, but it seems a touch too fast to produce top velocity in the heavier bullets.
    I will try WC 820 PD next...

    Stay safe!
  18. Seddo

    has anyone tried to use any winchester powder with a 9x25???
  19. anybody use universal powder with 125gr bullets?
  20. My spreadsheet predicts somewhere between 7.8 and 8.2 as the absolute max of Universal Clays behind a 125 GDHP. I would start around 7.0 and work up in 0.2 grain increments until my head expansion was where I wanted it...
    Universal Clays is a little fast for top performance in bullets heavier than 95 grains. It should prove to be a pretty good plinking powder though...
    Stay Safe!
  21. Shred

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    Wow.. found this by accident from a Google search. I used to load 9x25 years ago for IPSC. Thus my loads top out around 180 PF and are from a 5" barreled STI.

    115 JHP 16.1gr H108 ~1550 fps
    124 Hornady JFP 15.1gr H108 went about 1460
    124 JFP 9gr N105 - 934 fps. 11gr 1431 fps. 12.2gr 1580fps

    I have some others using ~17gr H110 & 115's somewhere-- cases came out so clean they looked new.

    Rumor has it Rob Leatham and Arnt Myhre at Dillon got some light .380 bullets up to 2000+fps, but accuracy was abysmal. Any better luck recently?

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