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  1. I went into a LGS today after leaving a job site today. I went in to pick up a set of .380 dies and 4 hole turret for my classic turret press. I had been loading my .380 ammo with a mix of dies and needed at the min the turret. They had what I needed at the same price as Midway and others less there over priced shipping.

    Took a stroll buy the pistol counter and there was a wet out of the box Shield 9mm. This isn't a bucket list pistol. It's a hit list pistol and the only small 9mm that I want above my PF-9. I do like my PF-9. It's been a great pistol! Tag was turned upside down as was a always over priced Kahr.

    The clerk pulled it out and flipped the price tag. $599.99 plus tax! I don't know what the clerk and owners son saw in me when I saw the price. But both of them put there hands on there side arms. As they addressed me by my Sir Name. I do tend to buy some reloading supply's from them. I've been known to buy 1k or better at a time of XTP's or Gold Dot bullets from them here and there. But $600.00 plus tax for a Shield! I guess something Evil came over my body to prompt them to put hand on there sidearms.

    So I went back to work and shared this with my co-workers. Yes most of us shoot and we always have show and tell at work with new purchase's. Yes we can bring guns to work. Welcome to hard working small co. Oklahoma. The reddest of the red, redneck and proud of it states.

    Bottom line I hit up some buddys with modern communication. Turns out this LGS had way more than one Shield 9mm in stock! Then we stung the greedy bastards. Three men at the counter talking millions with 100's in there hands and each with a Shield 9mm in there hand. I walk in and ask about the price ver. stock issue. All hell broke loose! Two weeks ago this LGS would only sell bullets one for one with primers. If you wanted 100 9mm XTP's or GD's or any of there other offerings. You had to buy the same amount of primers.

    This would be a LGS known as DONGS. LMAO!!!!!!

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  3. That's expensive but in today's market and for a shield, they can ask that.

  4. and gas is $4/gallon.... whats new guys?
  5. Bruce M

    I agree thats is high but I would not be shocked if someone paid that for it. But I ould hope they would consider negotiating on the price.
  6. It'll probably sell for that price. More shocked.
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  7. I like my Shield but no way would I pay $600 for it.
    mine was $468 OTD.

    I would also look for another place to buy my gun stuff.

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  8. I honestly would have "thought" about just getting it if I actually saw one. I've been wanting one for a while, especially for carrying this summer. I'll hold out until prices and inventory return to normal.
  9. I just gave $559 + tax for a SA xds in 45 acp. I didnt think that was too bad but a sheild , in a perfect world should go for what, about $400?? I'm not up on the price but would thay be about right? The only other xds I've seen was $ 650 + tax

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  10. $600 for a Shield that's crazy money. The Shield is a pretty nice pistol, but definately not worth that kind of money. IMO you'd have to be a little soft in the head to buy one at that price.
  11. I will do you one better! Went to a local gun show yesterday and just about every large dealer had Shields for sale. One of the largest display dealers were offering Shields on sale for the low low price of $699!:eek: Not a Shield in the show for less than $650...:confused:

    The craziest part about them asking $699 was it was sitting next to a full size M&P Pro 9mm for $599?:confused: that is absolute madness.

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  12. I paid $377+FFL for mine when they came out last year around this time. 150-160% for the same gun? I'd pass for sure. See if you can put one in order, then just wait. I've waited months for some of my firearms, the longest being about 18 months!
  13. I have yet to see a M&P Shield in a store since I've been looking for one. I've been on the lookout since last June. Still I wouldn't pay $600 for one.
  14. I remember when gunshops were selling Ruger's then NEW P-89 and getting $500-600 and that was a LONG time ago. I also remember when S&W J frame Model 60's were bringing $500 in the late 70's!!!! There will always be gougers.
  15. I have been looking for a shield and have found 2 so far both $550 -$600. Needless to say I am still looking for a shield.

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  16. Pre hysteria you paid slightly above MSRP unless you were at a big box store. Now that sales for everything have gone through the roof dealers can name their price. I paid MSRP for my XDs and that gave me heartburn. While i was doing my paperwork i saw a husband talk his wife in to buying a Shield sitting on the table for $750...

    The biggest thing pre hysteria gun people are running in to is all the new people coming in to the market who have never had a gun. As a result some dealers are taking advantage of uninformed buyers and making heavy profit.

    Sting them where it hurts and write reviews online about the store and take your business elsewhere.
  17. I just put a Shield .40 on layaway for $459. plus tax. I also learned that a .40 can be converted to a 9mm.
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  19. KML

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    I got my Shield 3/12/13 for $469 out the door.I think it was $425 before tax and nics.I like it have 200rds through it with no problems,but there's no way I would buy it for $600.
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    Same here.

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