9mm guys, will you switch in a post-ban era?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by SoldMyHat, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. I think the current problems we have in this country are because people do NOT look forward enough. So we kick stuff down the road & bury our head in the sand on things like gun control.
    Really, how dare this admin talk of more gun control when they have been running guns to Mexican crimnals. Then again, few are paying attention. American Idol is more important than being informed about what goes on in our govt.
    I expect PBO to use the exec order to do several things that may or may not be challenged in the ever more liberal courts. He could EO a ban on high cap mags tomorrow, but just adding to existing measures in the 68 GC act. He could EO tomorrow that all oassualt style weapons be turned into Class III weapons & require annual reg & a FBI background check. He has used EO outside of COngress before, he will again I am afraid. I tried warning people before the election & they still stayed home or voted libertarian. I know several on this forum that probably still deny PBO is antigun.:dunno:

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  2. M 7

    M 7

    Never said they weren't going to "go big". The proposed AWB, whatever it is, is an unknown- right now debating hypothetical stuff serves no purpose.

  3. rgregoryb

    rgregoryb Sapere aude

    the economic meltdown will far eclipse the new AWB...we will need to hold on to what we have
  4. Soldmyhat..."will you switch to 40sw or 45acp or stay with 9mm in handguns that can hold 10 in either caliber?"

    In all honesty I only need one round... OK... two rounds (the second one is just to make sure). :supergrin:

    I carry a G26 now and I have no intention of switching or changing anything. I think there will be a tremendous amount of saber rattling and chest thumping going on in Washington, perhaps all over - but at the end of a few months those clowns will not be able to come up with anything that will be able to pass both the House & the Senate.
  5. Would I switch? nope...I'll just continue to carry 17 round magazines.

    I'd rather carry one 17 rounder than two 10 rounders. According to the left, more bullets equals more death..so in reality I'm doing them a favor.
  6. I'll stay with my 9mm- G26 comes with a 10 rd mag.That's what I have - what I carry.
  7. I am the opp. Shoot enough & you realize crap happens. A mag failure would get you killed if it's the only one you have. A spare mag allows you to more easily clear certain malfunctions & if the mag is bad, 2sec & you are back in the fight. My 1911PD carries lighet & slimmer w/ a sapre mag than a G17 & no spare.:dunno:
  8. Maybe why this clown got re elected. No one wanted to think of the hypotheticals.:dunno: Planning for the best case scenario in anything in life is foolish at best, JMO.
  9. Cost is a pretty big factor for me and I would still stay with 9MM because 45 ACP will still be expensive. Plus I already have the 9MM stuff
  10. RPVG

    I'd think it would be the one you're the best shot with. Most comfortable with. Shot placement wins out over caliber, doesn't it?

    FWIW, mine is a .45 (G30). But that's just me. If you're better with a 9, then...
  11. My usual carry guns are a Glock 27 (9 round magazine, one round in the chamber and two spare magazines), a Ruger LCR (5 shot with two to four speed loaders) or a Kahr P380 (6 round magazine, one in the chamber and two or three spare magazines).

    I also have a Glock 19 I recently bought for carry and a Glock 20, each with 15 round magazines.

    I also have quite a few guns that rarely come out of the safe.

    I am not extremely worried yet. I see thousands of Americans on a buying frenzy as they fear bans. One can say Americans do not support the ban or that they already surrendered to the inevitability.

    It is a sad thing to see how timid and fearful people are getting.
  12. RPVG

    Amen to that!
  13. jnc54

    If the dems get high cap mags banned. Will glock design a ten rd mag for the g17 and 19 or make and insert plug like for shotguns that can be installed in the mag to limit it to ten rounds?
  14. dkf


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  15. barth

    barth six barrels

    I think the implication of the OP is;
    with the proposed 10 round mag ban there will be guns of the same size, weight and capacity in 9mm and 45.

    Without the usual capacity advantages of a 9mm
    why wouldn't you upgrade to a 45?

    Recoil and cost of ammo are good reasons.
    But the capacity argument will disappear.

    In full size pistols, 10 for 10 rounds, I'll always choose a .45.
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  16. My carry is a 26. If is was going to get a new one and I wanted a 10 round handgun I would get a shield or the XD-S in .45.

    I am a big fan of revolvers so they always an option

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  17. jnc54

    Thanks dkf for the link. I should have known about the 10 round mags with calif. limitations to 10 rounders. What about all these 17 and 15 rd mags I have. Would some kind of plug or insert to limit them to 10 rounds meet the new law requirements or would they be outlawed under a new high cap mag ban?
  18. Wasn't my intention to go over the politics of it. But most legislation will probably grandfather current mags and firearms in possession. But with no ability to sell or will it to another person. If they outlawed current ones too, I would think they would have to institute a buyback program.
  19. exactly my intention of the thread.
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  20. Exactly. Although recoil is a trainable thing to deal with, how the gun fits you is more important. I shoot my XD45C as well as the G19, same size, why not carry the 45?:dunno:
    The last AWB ban spawned the compact pistol, lots of new 45acp designs, etc. I would expect the allure of a full size, 15-18 shot handgun will be a lot less if you only get 10+1. Then "old" guns like the 1911 will return to prominence when someone wants a full size gun.
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