9mm guys, will you switch in a post-ban era?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by SoldMyHat, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. BuckyP

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    One thing to consider, is how well the neutered mags perform. The ten rounders seem to work ok in my 17 / 34, but not as reliable in my 22 and 35. YMMV. Some of the other brands 10 rounders didn't seem as we'll made as the standard caps.

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  2. I like your style. Unfortunately I am new to handgunning so I have not been as fortunate to stock up normal capacity magazines.

  3. BuckyP

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    I'm betting there will be no sunset in AWB 2.

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  4. TSAX


    Lived there for a long time and still visit often so I still have my 10 rounders. Hopefully they do some kinda of grandfather in plan if this AWB passes but you never know especially since many more have hi caps now then when the first ban was out plus everyone going out to buy them may be for not. Who knows, Im sure there will be also a trial and error with this new law and I dont know if they know the large scope of enforcing it.

  5. TSAX


    Heck anyone could just take apart the mag and when needed they would just put it back together and not care for the law if something were to happen. You think if a criminal is gonna do something bad their gonna stop and grab a 10 rounder because they respect that law and not the murder laws.

    If a bad guy dosent care about murder/robbery/assault laws, why they hell would they care about a hi cap mag ban.


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  6. SCmasterblaster

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    You're probably correct.
  7. If there is a problem getting ammo the great thing about .45 acp JHP or ball doesn't matter to me. With .380, 9MM or .40 its JHP for self defense. If there is an ammo shortage or regulation it will cut down on my range time. Thanks to Glock forum and its members two years ago I followed advice here and started to stock pile ammo and mags.
  8. mj9mm

    got enough to have most scenario's covered. now lets keep a thumb on our legislators and let'em know we are still a formidable voting block.
  9. jkf74

    Mag limits do not change the fact that the ballistics are minimal at best between major service calibers using modern defensive ammo. There will be no need to switch. That said, if hollowpoint ammo becomes scarce or restricted, then things may change and larger calibers definitely get the nod.
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    My federal legislators are all liberal Democrats. They are all anti-gun. VT is MA north.
  11. Most likely I'll be a law breaker.
  12. I'm an (old) girl. Women's fashions don't allow for huge handguns like Glocks, plus I live in FL where we wear less than many most of the year. My EDC is a Kahr PM-9 (6+1). Face it... all you mall ninjas are more inclined to go your entire life without EVER needing to pull your gun in self, or other's defense and your carry piece will never get a practical workout in your lifetimes. For this reason I am prepared, but not uncomfortably prepared, and having an EDC that I will carry under all conditions is more important to me than one I would leave at home because it was too big or otherwise inconvenient on any given day.

    No, no changes expected for me whatsoever. BTW, today, Florida went over 1 million CWPs issued statewide - 1,000,645.
  13. I'd try a 7 round s&w 686 (.357 mag), But i've wanted one of those anyway.
  14. Hmmm... where was this formidable voting block last month??
  15. M 7

    M 7

    Thanks. I hope that things clear up enough to allow you the chance to do so.
  16. Well for a couple of months now, despite having concealable 13+rd 9mms, that are concealable, several sizes of .45 acp and .40 S&W, when I have carried an auto it's been either a S&W 3913 or 908 soo.... of course I regularly carry a 5 shot .44 special or 6 shot .357 loaded with +p .38s.

    I don't expect one stop shots from any handgun I just pick my gunfights to match the gun I'm carrying

  17. Depends on my mood....some days it's a 9 others a 40 but most it's a 10mm G29 which is 10 rounds anyway :cool:

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  18. Oh I agree. Just trying to look at this from a law abiding citizen viewpoint of how potential new laws would change our caliber of choice.

    Also, I am sure +2 baseplates will not be grandfathered in. Which sucks.
  19. I'll make sure to pick up some shell casings if it ever comes to that.... there must have been another CCHer.
  20. You can bet that AWBII will include an attempt to ban hollow points. Why, the military can't even use those bullets which are designed only for one purpose: to kill people deader. Why would we want those loose on the streets? :whistling:

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