9MM Gold Dot 124 Grain +P Rule the Streets of NYC

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  1. An NYPD detective was shot in the arm during a wild gun battle in a Harlem subway station today — but he was amazingly able to return fire and kill the suspect, officials said.

    Career criminal Michael McBride and Queens detective Kevin Herlihy fired as many as 19 shots during the 4:20 p.m. chaos — sending terrified straphangers running for cover in the crowded station at St. Nicholas Avenue and West 145th Street.

    McBride, 52 — who was wanted for shooting his ex-girlfriend’s daughter in the head on Monday — died at the scene with a gunshot to the chest.

    Michael McBride, who was wanted by cops for the brutal shooting of a 21-year-old woman in the Rockaways yesterday, was shot dead today in an exchange with cops.

    Herlihy, 47, who was part of a five-man team hunting McBride, was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and is in stable condition.

    “I’m happy to say all indications say that he will walk out of here and go home to his family and his wife Adrian,” Mayor Bloomberg said of the 18-year-veteran, who has two sons, 11 and 6 and a daughter who is 13 months-old.

    “We are incredibly grateful that detective Herlihy is alive. He and his wife are in good spirits... He is the kind of detective we want out there protecting all of us.”

    The bloody mayhem erupted as Herlihy and his team from the Queen’s Violent Felony Squad tracked down McBride to the neighborhood where he used to live through his cell phone, sources said.

    They first spotted him walking from Bradhurst Avenue to St. Nicholas. He realized he was under surveillance and ran toward the subway — fleeing underground down a staircase, sources said.

    “He got into the station quickly and they were concerned he’d get on the subway,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. “They were running after him.”

    Herlihy caught up with McBride near the token booth inside the station, which was already bustling with rush hour foot traffic, the sources said.

    McBride, armed with a .22 caliber pistol, whipped around and immediately began blasting — firing four to six shots the sources said.

    One of the bullets struck Herlihy, who lives in Lynbrook, LI, in the left arm, authorities said.

    “Another foot over, and it would have been in the middle of his chest,’’ a source said of the bullet, which exited Herlihy’s arm.

    The injured Herlihy managed to fire back using his right hand, squeezing off 13 shots, the sources said.

    After McBride was struck, he managed to stumble up one flight of stairs toward the street before collapsing on the landing.

    He was declared dead at the scene, where his weapon was recovered nearby.

    McBride had been wanted in the brutal shooting of Shante Plowden, the daughter of his estranged girlfriend who he had been living with until recently on Beach 100th Street in Queens, police said.

    The thug went to his ex’s home around 1:30 p.m. Monday to get some of his clothes, and that’s when he got into an argument with Plowden, sources said.

    Video footage shows that the pair exchanged heated words in the ninth-floor hallway outside the apartment.

    McBride then grabbed the young woman and dragged her down the hallway and out of the camera’s sight, where he shot her at least once in the head and possibly again in the leg, source said.

    He can then be seen coming back into frame without her and fleeing.

    Plowden remained in critical condition at North Shore Medical Center in Manhasset, LI, today — but was miraculously talking even with the bullet still lodged in her head, sources said.

    “It’s a miracle she’s alive,’’ one law-enforcement source said, adding that doctors were amazed at her survival.

    A neighbor of Plowden said she came home to find the hallway soaked in blood.

    “I thought it was my place. I was shocked when I came home last night,” she said, noting that the blood was “on the walls, the floor. I was just like, wow!”

    Detective Herlihy is the second cop shot in the city in two weeks.

    Police Officer Kevin Brennan took a bullet to the head chasing a perp Jan. 31 but miraculously survived.

    Another cop, Peter Figoski, was been fatally shot in the head while on duty the month before.

    Mike Palladino, head of the Detectives Endowment Association, said:

    “We were very lucky ... But if these thugs think that it’s open season on cops, I strongly recommend they think twice.”

    Today’s subway station shooting stunned straphangers.

    “I heard the shots ... and when I turned around, I saw somebody dead. He was on the landing face-down in blood,’’ said witness Edwin Pagan, 47, who was exiting the subway station at the time.

    One witness added that pandemonium broke out among subway riders amid the gunfire.

    “Little kids were like, ‘They’re shooting! They’re shooting!’’ said the witness, who didn’t want his name used.

    “I walked right up the top of the station and saw [McBride]. The guy was dead, and he was cuffed. After a few minutes, they started pumping his chest, but he was already dead.”

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  3. A lot of NYC LE shootings in the news lately.

  4. I read about another NYC shooting tonight on CC that was pretty close to this one. It must have been pretty bad in the subway.
  5. Impossible; don't believe what you read in this story. NYC residents are not allowed to have firearms. It's the law.
  6. Plowden did not have a gun. It was a good thing she was following the law.
  7. NY law abiding citizens are not allowed to own (well definetley not carry) firearms. Thugs have free reign.

    You always hear about some woman getting raped around here. Why? Because your right to self defense is denied in NY (and NJ). But Bloomberg always plays it like, well the woman was raped but we got the guy (2 days later). Like that makes it OK.
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  8. On another note, I guess those 9mm rounds are effective.
  9. I wonder if Bloomberg walks around NYC without any sort of armed guards / protection? I believe this story is fake because you are not allowed to have a handgun in NYC unless you are a police officer. Fake.
  10. Yes, he does have a security detail and yes you are allowed to own a handgun in the city. Matter of fact, the process takes less time than it did before. Some applicants have received their premise permits in as lil as 2 months. Total cost of fees borders $500. This has been noted as a way of swaying people into not doing it. Being able to CCW, if thats what you are refering to, is very very difficult, but is possible. Business people (jewlers,shopkeepers with high cash receipts, etc.) are some that come to mind who can have a business carry permit.
  11. Hmm, learn something new every day, never would have guessed that.
  12. Brasso

    Millennium Member

    Premise permit? What's that? Are you saying you have to have a permit just to own one in your own house? If so, how the hell has NY not been sued into the stone age yet for violating the 2nd?
    #11 Brasso, Feb 16, 2012
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  13. I am from the Bronx, I have lived in Georgia, since 1986, I will never live in NYC, again or any non gun friendly state again.
    #13 9mmParabellum, Feb 16, 2012
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  14. RichardB

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    "to fire back using his right hand, squeezing off 13 shots"

    I wonder how many hit the perp? If it took all 13, I'm not impressed with the round.
  15. I doubt many hit, which makes the cop lucky he did not hit a bystander.
  16. Yeah, sounds like he was shooting with his weak hand too. Shot placement was probably horrible.
  17. Hat's off to NYPD for getting the job done!

  18. You can have the money, jewlery etc. I'll keep my life, allways armed in Mich.

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