9mm Bullseye Loads

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  1. Shooting 124gr Berry's out of a G26 & G34 using Bullseye powder, and 4.4gr is fitting the bill nicely. Is this as hot as I should load? Anyone care to share their experiences using this powder in 9mm?

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  2. I haven't used BE in like 100yrs, but since plated load between a jacketed & lead bullet, depending on your OAL, you are running the ragged edge in most manuals.

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  3. In my G26, I run the 115gr and 124gr Berry's with a BE load, but with less charge. It's been a very accurate load for me.
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    This is a case where your screen name may be appropriate! :wavey:Your foot is definitely on the gas and you are at the speed limit if not exceeding.
  5. I use some BE in 9 reloads. As others note you are getting up there. I max out my loads at 4 - 4.2 with 124 gr (with plated and jacketed respectively). FWIW, in my pistols, I get best accuracy with BE with the 4.0 loads.
  6. Those are the numbers that work well in mine as well.

    FTIW, hot plated load is an oxymoron. If you want hot loads, you have to step away from plated and up to FMJ. Hot plated loads shed their plating, and accuracy does downhill quickly.
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  7. I am using 4.4gr of Bullseye under a 124gr Montana Gold JHP at a COL of 1.12. I am running an average of 1090 fps, with great accuracy. My altitude here is 6200'.

    I need my 9mm to be stout as I am using a Lone Wolf 9mm barrel with a Glock 22. I need the slide and ejector to function properly.

    This is the load that comes from Alliant.

    9mm Luger 115 gr Speer GDHP Speer 1.125 4 CCI 500 Bullseye 4.7 1,144 -
    9mm Luger 124 gr Speer GDHP Speer 1.12 4 CCI 500 Bullseye 4.4 1,059 -

    My Lyman 48 guide shows 4.5gr of Bullseye, with a 125gr JHP at a COL of 1.085! I have not been willing to push the bullet in that far.
  8. If you need better slide functioning, go to a heavier bullet or slower powder for higher vel w/ the 115gr. Pushing uberfast powders hard is asking for a case head blow out or worse. Also keep in mind, JACKETED bullets DO NOT load the smae as PLTED or LEAD. You mus reduce the charge wt for plated & again for lead of the same weights.:wavey:
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    I agree with Fred. If you need more energy, use a slower powder. Heavy bullets seem to run my slides at lower power levels better than lighter bullets, so that would help too. I shoot a G17, which is not the same as a G22 with a conversion barrel, but my G17 runs easily with a 125 leadTC at 950 even though on paper it should just barely be cycling.

    I think a 124 should run the gun fine. If you want more velocity, Unique gives higher velocity with room to spare in my G17 at less than max loads.

    How has the brass been ejecting with the Bullseye load? If it's dribbling out of the gun, you are close to a stoppage. If it lands 5 feet or more, you should be good to go.
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    Another thing regarding function. ISMI recoil springs fit the factory guide rod. They are the same flat wire shape as the factory spring. You can disassemble the factory guide rod easily and reassemble it. Cut a section of wire hanger about 6" long. Run it up the little hole in the rear of the guide rod and push down on a bench until the little cap comes off the other end of the rod. Change the spring and snap the little tip back on. Wear safety glasses incase something goes flying and do it in a plastic bag to make sure you don't lose any parts. You can go down a couple of pounds and get better funtioning. The lightest ones they have won't close the action all the way. I thin stock is 17# and the 14# works well. The 12# didn't work IME.
  11. Thanks guys. Kind of what I thought, I'm at max load already. I'm getting 1100fps in the G34 with the 124gr Berrys and 4.4gr Bullseye. I'll back off to 4.2gr.

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