9mm ammo here now

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by BIGBEAR92314, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. als54

    Check this site out... gunbot.net, it's an ammo search engine.

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  2. I think ammo would sell out almost as fast even if it weren't posted on GT. These online sellers aren't secret.

  3. I'm finally starting to see more 9mm ammo in my local shops. Its a great sign indeed. :cool:
  4. Funny....Hoarders, So if myself or anyone buys the ammo they want or need they are bad people ? Is this not America ? Buy what you want when you want it.....If someone beats me to it ? good on them....I see so many people complaining about Hoarders...If you were caught with little to no ammo when this current situation started ? who's fault is that ? Hoarders ? LOL......or if you felt it would pass in a short period of time and did not buy any ammo ? and then prices raise and availability gets bad...then blame others ? who's fault is that ? LOL......IMO if shooting was ever any kind of regular activity for you, you would have already been keeping a good stock of ammo....in the 2 years or so prior to current situation I would buy a brick of .22 every week at Wal-Mart when the cabinet was full $18 bucks.....we all had the chance, if you did not ? why blame other people ?
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    Yeah, thanks for posting. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I for one think it is nice to give folks here a heads-up.

    Personally, I'm watching supplies ease upwards and prices easing down. Now still isn't the time to buy unless you really need it now. Holding out for a few more month will get you more cartridges per buck. Of course, we can't predict the future with certainty, but that is the trend I'm observing.
  6. +1.

    Ammo of all calibers is starting to come back to retail stores. Problem is the prices are still dumb, about 30%-40% over where they were last year. We need to still hold off on buying until the retailers stop gouging and come back to reality. They made a fortune off us for the past 7 months, and it needs to stop.
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  8. I appreciate those of you posting availability. I was down to 300 rounds of practice ammo. When I arrived 6:45am at Walmart this morning, I expected to see a line of hoarders. Perhaps organized gangs of sweaty looking bums who would resell the precious ammo on ebay for twice the price.

    It was only me & another guy who called a friend to alert him.
    I got my 3 boxes of GSSF practice ammo, and went off to work.

    In north Atlanta, prices are still higher than normal. The supply seems to be coming back slightly. But it disappears quickly.
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    No "hoarders" are causing any shortage.

    Settle down.

    If you want to get all mad, call names, and point fingers, look no farther than our politicians.
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  13. Still the best price I've seen online.. I looked around and a few come close, but from what I've found, Georgia Arms is the best priced.

    Also, just so everybody know, the bullets come loose packed in an ammo can with air bubble packing to keep them from moving too much during transport.

    And for the price ($130+ s/h for 500, $250 for 1000) you get a "7.62x39" ammo can (skinny type) worth $8-10 retail.
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  14. Georgia Arms makes some pretty good ammo. I've been buying it for years. The also load "New" ammo from all new components. $13 bucks a box for bulk reloads is still a bit high but with the crap thats been going on it's better than shooting my kids bb gun!
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    Canned heat!:cool:

  16. I have gone through 1,000's of their canned heat in the past and I do NOT recall it being new brass.

    All of their canned heat I have fired in the past was clearly reloaded brass, but I never had a single issue with their ammo.
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    I am glad that I reload 9mm ammo.

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