9mm 124gr "SXT" load

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  1. Does anyone have a recipe that you have used to get close to duplicating a 127gr SXT +p+?

    Quickload is showing that about 8.6 grains of AA#7 and a 124 gr bullet should be very close.

    8.0gr and a 124gr I saw 1208ft/sec average velocity (quickload predicts 1218)

    For comparison, I have chrono'ed 9mm NATO at 1265ft/sec and 127gr SXT +p+ at 1305ft/sec.

    Estimating off of chrono data, I need another 100ft/sec (8.3%) so about 8.6gr should be about right.

    Quickload predicts 1319ft/sec and under +p pressure (37500; max +p = 38.5)

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  2. SDGlock23

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    I'm not sure what your bbl length is, but from my 5.3" LW 9mm conversion barrel, two powders that got pretty good speeds were:

    124gr PD FMJ, 8.1gr Blue Dot @ 1.125": 1336 fps avg.

    124gr PD FMJ, 5.8gr Unique @ 1.120": 1331 fps avg.

    Both of those are non +P loads. I've not tried AA7 however.

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  3. 124xtp with 9.0 grains of AA7 runs 1340fps from a 5" 1911 and 1405fps from a 17L col was 1.100 no pressure signs. 6.6 grains of power pistol to get the same velocity.
  4. I think power pistols is quite flashy. I like AA7 for how well it meters and fairly clean. I have power pistol.

    I have used 6.5gr of power pistol and the G34 had a velocity of 1284. G26 was 1153 with same load.

    One of the issues I am dealing with is the bullets. The only 9mm bullets I have left (and not loaded into cartridges) is 124gr Golden Saber. They are quite long at 0.571" and seem to have a little less velocity than other bullets. I think this is the "driving band" or whatever Remington calls this.

    Note data is also stock barrels. I have a KKM barrel for G34, but no chrono data from G34.
  5. Seat the bullet to 1.16 and run the same powder charge 9.0 grain of aa7. It took 9.5 grains to match the xtp load and was compressed but shot well. 7.0 grains of power pistol matched my 9.5 grain aa7 load. I agree PP is a flashy and loud powder. The 1.16 length works in the 17L so should work in your 34.
  6. You seem to get lower velocities out of Golden Sabers too.

    I like XTP, I just dont have any to load in 9mm at the moment. Have plenty of XTP 10mm bullets, but I am nit sure how to fit them in a 9mm case. :)
  7. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    With the XTP 124gr it depends on the barrel. In a stock Glock barrel I can load them longer, but in the cheapo LW barrel I can only load them to around 1.100" or so.
  8. WiskyT

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    5.8 Unique with a 124 XTP or 125 Zero JHP gives me 1250fps out of my G17. This is right on with what I have read online regarding the 127+P+ and other 124 +P loads. Check the Alliant website to verify the data I posted. 5.8 is their max and is standard pressure.

    I have loaded it at 6.0 as per Stephen A. Camp and got good results, but my Lee disk throws at 5.8 and I get essentially the same velocity, so I go with 5.8.

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