9mm 124 Grain Gold Dot+P Police Shooting in Brooklyn

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  1. BUSHWICK — Police shot an armed man Friday morning after a wild chase through Bushwick that involved an alleged carjacking, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

    The man was taken to Kings County Hospital, fire officials said. The man was in critical condition, Kelly said.

    Police responded to a call at 10:20 a.m. about a man who apparently had broken car windows. When officers got out of their car to question the suspect, he then forced his way into the backseat of another car where two people were in the front seat, Kelly said.

    The car with the suspect sped away until an unmarked police pulled it over on Weirfield Street.

    "The individual gets out of the car, has a gun in his hand, begins to run, and the officers pursue him," Kelly said. "He turns with a weapon and one round is fired by the police officers. He is struck."

    A plainclothes officer fired the shot, Kelly said, adding that the man was believed to have been shot in the head.

    It was not clear whether the suspect fired at the police, Kelly said.

    "The cop in the gray shirt stood over [the man] and pointed the gun at him until [other officers] came and cuffed him," said Ricardo Rodriguez, 23, who was with his fiancée and brother on their way to the doctor when they witnessed the incident.

    "He was on the floor twitching," Rodriguez said. "His head was like a water fountain It was gushing blood."

    Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/201...leged-carjacking-chase-bushwick#ixzz1zEsiHWQV

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    Solved that problem.

  4. I just love happy endings......................
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  6. I guess you could say that is a one shot stopper...
  7. Gold Dot, quickly becoming the “Gold” standard of problem solving.
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