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930 charging handle/safety lever help

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by VG36A, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. VG36A


    Sep 29, 2010
    So I picked up my 930 Field/Security Combo yesterday. I'm loving it so far. I was originally going to get the 930SPX but decided that the ghost ring sight were overkill for my needs and the extra barrel would be a much better way to go. While thinking I was going to get the SPX I ordered a 6-shot side saddle, larger safety and a new larger charging handle(not sure what one right now but it looks like an hour glass). It will not fit my 930. There part that is inserted into the shotgun is wider than the original one. Are they all that way?I was thinking I'd call the mfg. on Monday and see what they say. Anyone else run into this issue?

    The side saddle installed without any issues but I'm wondering if I tighten it too much will it distort the receiver? It seems to be ok but I haven't shot it yet.

    After cleaning it and finding out that the charging handle wouldn't work I started on the safety. That quickly came to a halt when I saw the security screw looking back at me. What do I need to remove it? Do I have to grind a slot into it so I can use a flat headed screwdriver?


    Pics up on Sunday.
  2. Ride5C2


    Jun 10, 2008
    Congrats on the new 930! My thoughts:
    1. Side saddle. Yes, be careful on installation, the gun will have functioning issues if it's too tight. I found that my 930 (SPX) was finicky with the bolt-on hard side saddles and I switched to the velcro type (3gungear or esstac). . .YMMV
    2. As to the bolt handle it should just pop right in with the notch facing to the rear. What brand is it? I'd recommend the nordic, fits well and very light.
    3. Which safety did you get by the way? As to install, I did the following (got this from another member on here and can't find his post):
    a. tape down the original safety, has a ball / spring underneath and you don't want it flying away once you release the screw
    b. Once I taped down the safety, I took a pair of pliers and carefully broke-off the current plastic safety, leaving just the screw.
    c. now that just the screw is exposed (again tape plate down so it doesn't pop off), just use pliers to unscrew that funky screw. Making sure everything is held down, just put your new one on and screw in.

  3. 1. i prefer the velcro options as well because the 930 can be very touchy when it comes to tightening the bolts.

    2. does your charging handle look like any of these ?

    3. are some of the various options for safeties on a mossberg 500/590/930 and it also goes into how to remove the stock safety. Generally if you use a screw driver and put a little force into it they come loose, if not you can always use a dremel to make a notch in it.
  4. Blowout


    Dec 31, 2012
    San Jose, CA
    I removed the screw with a straight blade screw driver and used a ballpeen hammer to drift each of the sloped sides of the screw head. One side and then the other. Just the screwdriver alone would not work.

    Put the receiver in a padded vise so I could use both hands. Worked like a charm and the screw wasn't even damaged.