7mm-08 ammo......

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    The 7mm-08 is hungry - gota feed it something....;f
    What bullet weight and type do you folks shoot in this thang...
    oops, a 22" barrel and for hunting white tail in the SE Texas country type of lands..thanks......dave......
  2. The 140 grain is all they are offering right now. It is like the 308 where the 168 grain HPBTM is the best slug for it so right now if you are looking to inprove your 7mm 08 you'll need to wait till they make a slug just for you.

  3. Try a Nosler 140 grn. Ballistic Tip. Should work fine for Texas whitetail from an accuracy and impact standpoint.
  4. I've heard very good reports about the Hornady "Light Magnum" with a 139 gr bullet.
    Guy I work with has slain several with this bullet and swears by them.
    I'll try some in my 7-08 when I can find some to buy.

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    Sniper 7.62, tjpet, and WFR - Thanks folks, I will try those loads. The 140 balistic tip for Texas White Tail sounds pretty good to me, I also looked up the bal. info. for the heads up on the 139 which is a little screamer......;f Again, thanks for the info. it sounds like the 140, or around the 140 weight, is the best round so far for this cartridge. I will pick up some Fed. and Georgia Arms 140 bal. tips, and a 139 Hornady sst and light mag. next week........ ;c

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