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7791193 barrels

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by isuzu, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    Are there still 7791193 .45 barrels available in the Philippines? They used to be sold at P7,000.00 each and they were quite accurate. I've seen a few, and they had S&W stamped on it.
  2. Yes Kabayan meron pa. As a matter of fact when I went home last Dec.2003 may nabili pa ako doon sa kontak ko sa Crame. Most of them are series 87,89 at 92 and that is the manufacturing date or batch. They are chromelined and very durable but I am still on the look out of the batch 85. The latest barrels are now made in Israel that started way back in 1986. You can see those batch dates below the drawing no.(7791193)on the barrel hood. Some of the inscriptions are very faint and hard to see. I got three barrels for 10,000pesoses ;) ......isn't that a purty good deal;f Again meron din kila Jethro kaya lang FAKE;g pati yung slide. Kabayan if you hapened to be close to kansas city meron na namang collectors gunshow this Dec. pero di ko pa alam exact dates. Andun lagi sila Cylinder and Slide(William "Bill" Loughridge)at Ed brown.

  3. These were military issued barrels and were primarily used (together with 7791193 slides)in the refurbishing of the 1911's of the AFP then. The Philippine government bought a whole lot (or was it a military aid from big brother?) in the late 70's. As usual, a lot of them ended up in gun stores and sold to the general public. The 779 slides were quite robust and the barrels were chrome bored and maintained decent accuracy. At very reasonable prices, they flew off the shelves and were hot ticket items up to the late eighties when supplies eventually dwindled off. As a consequence of this, they eventually commanded premium prices. However, new stainless barrels such as Barsto, Kart, etc. were slowly coming into the Philippine market and the general shooting public's attention shifted from chrome lined barrels to stainless ones.
  4. Sir Django according to my source eh marami pa daw. Marami din akong na score na extractor,sear,barrel bushing at disconnector na nasa original brown paper wrapping. Gipit siguro yung source ko kasi mag papasko noon kaya madaling napkyaw namin ng utol ko. Balita namin dala ng mga kano nung mga nakaraang Balikatan. Yung kontak ko ay malimit sa fort Magsaysay. :cool:
  5. The technical nomenclature for this particular barrel is:

    TACOM NSN 1005-00-722-3849
    Barrel, Pistol, .45 Auto
    Part No. 7791193

    They come in cosmoline wrappers and the Federal Supply Code for Manufacture (FSCM) was indicated in the original wrappings. Since the US of A has a lot of contractors, a lot of gun manufacturers had produced these barrels. Before 1985, Colt (and maybe S&W since there is an S&W mark on the specimen of isuzu) was one of the contractors. After 1985, the contract went to Rock Island Arsenal and then to the Israel Military Industries.

    The 7791193 made by S&W variety is, indeed, a rare breed nowadays. But you are correct in saying that there are still a lot of 779's available and these are made in Israel by IMI.

    The Balikatan forces probably did not bring it with them since they are already issued M9's.

    Your source could have gotten it from the PNP inventory since as part of their upgrade program, they also bought .45 caliber barrels for their aging .45's.

    Check out the following sites if you want to purchase 779's in the US: and
  6. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    I also saw a slide with NM 7791435; another one with a 7791193 and with "San Col Mar Industries" stamped on it. Both slides were parkerized, and wrapped in cosmoline material. They were abundant in the 1980's, but you could still see quite a few for sale, some brand new; others used. And a lot of fakes, too.