7 rds of 10mm or 7rds of 45 cap

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by sgtbones, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Because of the new draconian laws of NYS if you were told you can have only 7rd in your mag, would you carry 7rds in a glock 20 or 29, or would you go to a 1911 platform in 45 cap because you can get 7 rd mags for them. Also stuck here for now exit plan in motion after retirement 12-31-13.

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  3. I would probably get an XDs in .45

    I don't like glocks so with your criteria I would go with a 1911 platform in .45 if I could afford it.

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  4. If I could only carry 7 rounds, I would carry a 1911....but I always carry a 1911 any way.

    And since I believe the 1911 is a more reliable platform in .45acp than 10mm...I would carry one chambered in .45. I love my G20...but that's more for the woods and it's a lot beefier than a single stack 1911. IMHO.

  5. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    I have a glock 20 and 21. If limited to 7 rounds, I would consider going to a version of the S&W 629. 44 Mag. The 44 Mag is still one of my favorite calibers and I love shooting it more than my other calibers.
  6. I have a g20 21 29 and 30, wilson 1911 cqb, pro, and officers model.
  7. Nice! My CQB TAC LE is my EDC....and my most accurate handgun that I own. I'd carry that over any of the others you listed....unless you go out in the woods, that's for the 20/29. IMHO!

  8. 10mm, no question. Read up here: http://www.bren-ten.com/website/id7.html
  9. Which one can you shoot faster, with aproximately the same accuracy? That should answer your question.
  10. At combat distance I can hit with all of them, but with the power of the 10mm would one hit be like hitting em twice with the 45, Just trying to get opinions, I am not a know it all. Plus this makes for good discussion.
  11. The Bill Drill works best with a shot timer, but a buddy with a stopwatch might do ok. Tape or staple a paper plate to a silhouette target. Load up 6rds in each gun, draw from the holster and shoot all 6 as fast as you can controllably place the shots. It will work best if you shoot the 2 guns on separate days, because the following drills will likely continue to improve regardless of the gun. The whole "stopping power" deal is a misnomer with handguns & you'll likely need follow up shots no matter what caliber you're shooting. As long as they're all on the paper plate, the gun you shoot fastest wins. When in doubt, go with the 45 due to ammo (or brass) availability.
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  12. AS a practical matter if you are strictly concerned with close range SD, I'd go with the .45. For me and my situation I'd go 10mm
  13. Sounds good Brother.
  14. Opie 1 Kenopie

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    So, are New Yorkers allowed 7 in the magazine AND 1 in the pipe? Or seven rounds onboard TOTAL? I guess I might switch over to carrying a 1911 if I lived in NY. But the even my 8 round Wilson mags would be illegal! WTH?!?! Thank you New York, you make California look just a little more normal.
  15. I think you would be able to keep the 8 round Wilsons, you just won't be able to load it with 8 rounds, only 7. And if I'm not mistaken, one in the pipe does not count as one of the 7. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

  16. 7rds in a 10 or 8rd mag is legal as long as you owned them before the silly ban. One in the pipe does not count, the 7rd starts april 15th 2013. They did not bother to exempt LEO's and
    retired LEO's.
  17. I would wait and see what's going to be in my state.
  18. are you fu€€ing kidding me?!?!?
  19. My brother is a LEO in the Bronx and at first he didn't think this law would apply to him....but in fact it does. I can't believe that Chomo wants to take these rights away from off duty and retired LEOs.

    This part of this ridiculous legislature simply makes the public less safe. Why can't responsible and trained LEOs who are off duty or retired not allowed to carry whatever the hell they want? I'm in awe with how how messed up in the head Chomo is....he just made NY a more dangerous place to live. Hope they get rid of him ASAP!

  20. Harry I'am an LEO, I called the NYS police firearms division the trooper on the other end answered my question about the 7rd mag count and laughed that she was breaking the law. Those bozos did not bother to exempt LEO's. FOP is working to HR 218 amended so the mag ban would not effect LEO's.

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