6940 or add front rail to 6920?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Bushey6, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Bushey6

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    I am looking to get my first AR and am leaning toward a colt. I want a rifle with a front rail, but I think the 6940 only has a factory 7" rail. I am concerned I will regret having only a 7" rail in the future as I add grips, flashlights, etc. How much work is it to add a 10" floating troy front rail to a 6920? Does the barrell have to come off? Does this require any special tools?

    The total prices would be about the same and I could get the rail I want on the 6920 vs. the factory 7" on the 6940.



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  2. NeverMore1701

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    6920 + good rail.

    The 6940's rail is too short, you're stuck with it, I don't like the front sight, plus you'd have lots of fun if you ever wanted to change the barrel.

  3. Before you pay for the dancing pony, take a look here http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/, not that there is any thing wrong with Colt, IMO, you get more for your money here, and just as good, read about "filthy 14", Pat Rogers has no problem with BCM, and neither do other Teir One guys.
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  4. Fixed, brain fart:dunno:
  5. If you need a Colt due to department regs, get the 6920 and send to ADCO to have the FSP shaved and install the rail of your choice.

    Otherwise, as mentioned there are other options out there. I am a Daniel Defense fan and BCM is another solid option.
  6. MrMurphy

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    Screw ADCO, they've had their own issues.

    6920, remove original FSB, add a LaRue lowpro or another similar gas block. Add rail of choice.

    I run a 7" on my personal rifle because i had a 7" on my issued M4 and i'm familiar with it and I like the fixed front sight. If i did it again, i'd run a 11 or 12" and folding sights.
  7. I'll give a vote to the 6940 - I love mine!!
  8. 12131

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    It's up to you. If you want a true one piece upper continuous top rail, then get the 6940. If not, get the 6920 and play around with it to your liking. But, if this is your 1st time messing around with cutting, shaving, and modifying stuff, my wild ass guess is that you will screw things up.:supergrin:

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