640-1 .357....

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  1. at my LGS and cash priced at $489 + tax = $519.00 OTD
    It just came in on 2/10, so not been there long and may not be there when I go back next week.

    Gun is in 90% cond and locks up tight. It is MIM parts. No box.

    Is $519 in the ballpark?


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  2. Hi,

    If used it is a little high in my opinion unless maybe if it is LNIB. I bought a 60-9 last year which has the same features (Except the external hammer) and is the same generation as the 640-1. It was in very good condition with no box or paperwork and I paid $410 OTD for it.

    Either way the 640-1 is a great J frame! Can shoot .357 if needed but so nice to shoot .38+p through.



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  3. Wow, funny you mention the 60-9....had one there too.

    They were side by side, so I asked to fondle both. The 640 had a MIM trigger, and the 60 had the full/solid trigger.....IIRC. I may have them reversed..

    Anywho, the 60-9 was a little less, $50.00 I think.

    I was looking for snag proof, thus I'm leaning to the 640.
  4. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

    Yep, price seems a little steep for a used J-Frame. Also, why on earth anyone would want one of these little guns in 357Mag is beyond me. They have a snappy enough recoil with +P 38's, I can't imagine shooting a 357Mag load out of one. For the Ruger SP101 357Mag isn't too bad but that's a heavy little gun, a J-Frame is really light weight, unless you get some pretty decent, over size grips on it you'll end up shooting 38spl out of it so why not just get a J-Frame in 38spl and save a few bucks.
  5. The S&W 640-1 is on my list of guns I won't sell. No lock, decent trigger, shrouded hammer and shoots .357 Mag. The 640-1 weighs enough to shoot stout .357 Mag rounds without pain and light enough to carry easily.

    I like how I can carry it in a jacket pocket, on my waist or in an ankle holster.

    One can shoot through a jacket pocket without snagging the hammer. Twice, I've had it in a jacket pocket with my hand on it when a bad situation might have been developing.
  6. Having the upperhand from the get go is :cool:.
  7. The early 640-1 and 60-9 had the forged parts and the later ones had the MIM. My 60-9 has MIM parts. If I had the decision to purchase a 640-1 and a 60-9 for around the same price i would probably get the 640-1 also. I just happend to come across the 60-9 and liked it.

    Since everyone loves pictures here is my 60-9.
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  8. i have had a 640-1 for years [no mim] and i would never sell it. for around here used ones go for 500.00+ and don't stay on the shelf long. for me i have found [after lots of testing] the best compromise is the .357mag Speer 135grn Short Barrel ammo, i clocked it a a little over 1000fps. its a good performing bullet with no flash and controllable recoil. although with full power magnum loads its loud and a bit of recoil i woudn't have a problem carrying them for defense, the gun handles them well. i put a big dot 24/7 on it and its a perfect sight for that gun.
  9. I carry the 38+P version of the short barrel Gold Dot in my 60-9. I have been thinking about grabbing some of the .357 version to try them out.

    The more I think about it you are right about the price as well. $519 out the door is not that bad. I generally would look to pay around $450 for a 640-1 but I also would probably not let $70 make my final decision if I really wanted it. 5 years from now the $70 will mean nothing.
  10. barth

    barth six barrels

    Depending on condition, that's dead on.
    I paid $489 + tax for mine a few months ago.
    Looked for months before I found one at that price.
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  11. I like your trigger better. It looks more like the 65/66/67 early triggers.

    One I'm eyeballing is the dark grey, not even sure it's case hardenend....don't think it is.
  12. So, do you know if all 640-1's are non MIM?
  13. barth

    barth six barrels

    Wow, I'm impressed.
    Good eye for detail.
    I ordered a real S&W stainless steel trigger over the internet.
    It was narrow and serrated.
    Had a gunsmith round, smooth and polish it into a combat trigger.

    Well Done
  14. Thanks :wavey:
  15. The early 640-1's had the forged trigger and slide release. The later ones had the MIM trigger and slide release.

    Like most things S&W though you might find some transition 640-1's with a MIM trigger and forged slide release and vice versa.
  16. my trigger and hammer [inside the gun] look case hardened. the cylinder release on mine is the old style.

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