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  1. 223 or 22-250??:banana:

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  2. Yes!

  3. For what purpose?
  4. Mostly depends on what range you plan on shooting varmits at. The 22-250 will get the job done at greater distances, but the way I see it is there are a couple disadvantages to the 22-250. Mainly ammo costs, and barrel life. The .223 is a good choice in most cases do to the availability of less expensive ammo, and exteded barrel life.

    If you were looking for one rifle as a good choice for multiple tasks, like say deer hunting, and varmit, I would like to suggest to you a .243. That caliber would do nicely for both!
  5. Thanx to all that replied.:)
  6. Simple question - simple answer

  7. .223... its so much fun to play with and cheaper...

    I take mine in a RRA 20inch bull barrel AR! Got to have all the pimp extras on the gun though.
    I can put 5 rounds into a dime at 100 yards all day!
  8. lhuff

    lhuff Ancient Shooter

    Have you considered an XP-100? It's the most accurate pistol I've ever owned and 200 yard shots aren't that hard. The .221 Fireball is a fun round to load. All in all it's a wonderful varmit gun and round.

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