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Discussion in '5.7 X 28mm Club' started by Bullpup adict, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Where can I get another 1K 5.7x28 ammo, my source dried up.:crying:


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  3. Online anywhere?

  4. Ya but I don't want to pay .50 per round. I just got a 2k back order in from Sportsmans Guide at .36 per round plus shipping.

  5. Vendor at gun show told me that Federal was going to be making five seven for fnh so maybe that will bring prices down soon.
  6. FiremanJim

    Gold Member

    saw some "american eagle " at gun show today,Cabelas had it recently for $20 or so a box of 50
  7. Fiochee (sic) makes the ammo for both FN(VMAXBlue tip) and the AE brand

    Prices are roughly $28 p/50 for the Blue tip and $22 p/50 for the AE

    We just got 5 cases of the Blue tip at work :wow:
  8. johnson8861

    johnson8861 Daddo Chomper

    I just bought a case of FN198f. It was steep at 29.99/50.
  9. Check bulkammo and ammotogo and see what they have.

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