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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by High Altitude, May 8, 2011.

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    But how can you make quality ammo w/o the FCD? :rofl:

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  2. (This type of thread can get more long winded than you may want, but of course you want opinions and personal experiences with the equipment discussed to make your decision)

    My 2cents/opinions/experiences:

    I would 100% recommend getting the Dillon dies and Dillon powder measure. Previous posters have metentioned the more obvious differences between Dillon dies and Lee dies but it does not stop there. It's the entire reloading phylosphy of the two manufactures of reloading equipment. The dies reflect this. The Dillon dies can be taken apart for cleaning and not lose the settings. The Dillon dies set will have a separate seater die and another die for crimping. The Dillon die will seat the bullet "absolutely straight" and not buckle/bend the case. I have found the Lee combination seater/crimp die will sometimes fail to do this and buckle the case. This leads to the Lee factory crimp die.There is no need for the lee factory crimp die if your Dillon 550b seater die and Dillon crimp die produces perfect ammo. The Lee powder measure is not what you want for a 550b either. Do your self a favor and get all Dillon stuff. Your Dillon NO BS warranty will be 100 percent for the life of the press.

    With the above said, the Lee standard sizing die and undersized sizing die can be used to remove the glock bludge in the 40 or 45 cases.

  3. The Lee die set uses a separate seating and crimp die. ANY Combo seating and crimp die (and they almost all are except Dillon and I think a couple Redding) and be easily used to just seat bullets. My Lee seating die is better then EVERY die I have ever tried. Including Pro Redding and Dillon. Your right, Dillon are easier to clean. But beyond that your paying a ton more, sometimes getting more and often getting less.
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  4. Buy a Lee 3 die set & an extra Lee seating/crimping die if you want to seat & crimp in separate stns. I like the Dillon dies in their progressives, but most all the dies work fine to one degree or another. The Lee lock rings are a ***** on the 550B tool head, replace those w/ the Dillon rings.
  5. Your right about those Lee rings on the Dillon Toolhead. Even on the 650 I only use Dillon Lock rings.
  6. EOD3

    I only have one set of Dillon dies because they don't come with a belling die. I load blaster ammo on my 550 but all my precision loading is done on an RCBS Rock Chucker so if you want to move the dies to another press, you'll bave to buy an extra die.

    The Lee dies I have are a little too short for the 550b. The RCBS and Hornady dies work like a champ. :cool:
  7. I don't know how old your dies are but any newer Lee dies are plenty long for the 550.
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    I use Lee dies on a 550b for 380, 9mm, 40, 45 and .223. The Lee dies work well and are plenty long enough. I also use the Lee locknut with its "O" ring and have not had a problem on the toolheads, although space is a bit tight. A good adjustable wrench on the bench is all that is needed.
  9. EOD3

    All of my dies are old with the exception my 10/40 die set (Hornady). The Lee .223 dies I have only engage the lock-ring by about 1 1/2 or two threads.

  10. i use dillon, rcbs and hornady dies in mine. they all work great, just some die sets may cause you a little extra work. the lees should work also, though i have never used lee.
    good luck and enjoy what will be your favorite pastime.
  11. I buy the Dillion dies myself. The Dillon seating die is "designed" to seat the bullet straight. That's it's main goal. It will seat your bullet absolutely correct. They don't try to crimp in the seating process. The Dillon crimping die does the crimping . Dillon does not design a die to seat and crimp in the same operation. Dillion does not think it is a sound reloading for a die to seat and crimp in the same operation.

    That said, I will exchange the dillion sizing die with a Lee sizing die to size the brass down lower on .40 that has been shot in glock pistols. The Lee die will get the Glock Bludge out of the brass when the dillion will not.
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    I run Lee, RCBS, and one set of Redding .300 Win Mag. All work perfectly fine. I'm loading 9, .40, .45, 10mm, .223, 357 SIG, and .300. I have some Lee FCD as well, and like the separate crimp step.
  13. I use all Lee dies on my 550, no problems.
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    You "woke up" an almost 2 year old thread for this?
    1) I imagine he's already had his question answered.
    2) These type of questions come up often, but I don't think you really helped anybody here.

    But thanks for playing.
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    I wondered why myself, but considering that this question pops up a couple of times each month.....

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