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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by High Altitude, May 8, 2011.

  1. I am going to purchase a 550b as my first press reloading 9mm initially.

    Should I get the dillon dies or would it be OK to save some money and use lee dies?

    Any problem with using the lee dies in the dillon 550b?

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  3. I have dillon dies for my 550b, but you shouldn't have any problems with other dies in your dillon.

  4. Hoser

    Hoser Ninja

    Go with the dillon dies.

    If you are ok with crimping and seating in the same step, which I and many others avoid, the any other brand will work.
  5. EL_NinO619

    EL_NinO619 EX-Swage Monkey

    I would go with Dillon, due to the bigger mouth. It runs better on a PP, lee tend to snag sometimes..
  6. ANy 7/8" dies will run ont he Dillon. Dillon makes a really good die set though & it is made to run on a progressive press. Lee will work, Dillon works just a bit better.
  7. I prefer the Lee Sizer. I wouldn't worry about it.

  8. :agree:
  9. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    I have ...
    • 1 set of Hornady
    • 1 set of RCBS
    • 2 sets of Lee
    • half a dozen Dillion.

    They all work. I prefer the Dillon. I like separate dies for seating and crimping.
  10. I almost never had my Lee snag. It was worse at the beginning. Then I learned to adjust the sizer with the ram up, and also make sure the adjustable retainer in station 1 had some tension on the case. After that it would only happen rarely when I forced it in a little tipped. Dillon dies can have issues with sizing 9mm and some other brass.
  11. The Dillon dies are designed to work well with their progressive presses. Other brands will certainly work, just not as efficiently.
  12. I use Dillon or Lee sizer die. Redding competition bullet seat. Dillon or Lee crimp die. If using lead bullets I use the Dillon bullet seat instead of the Redding. The Dillon bullet seat die is just easier to clean.

  13. Very true. I have found that if I mark the adjustable seating stem knob on the Lee with a pen/marker I can then unscrew and remove it, pop the stem out and clean it. Reassemble it and get it back to the same spot easy enough. Not as easy as the Dillon but not that hard either.
  14. WI-Guy

    WI-Guy Famly Protector

    ^^^ THIS ^^^

    I have a varied selection and I still just simply get better, more consistent results by having separate seating and crimping.

    You can get seating and crimping done in one stroke with one die, but for a few dollars more and the ease of set-up and the consistent quality of the reloaded ammo it is just worth it to get the Dillon set.
  15. Roughedgekid

    Roughedgekid Old Fart

    I use Lee dies in both my 550's with no problem. Its better if you get the dillion rings to go on them.
  16. fwiw I have all Dillon dies I don't use lube.
  17. For rifle dies I use Lee. For pistols I use Dillon. Lee pistol dies has a small mouth that can snag the case. Also, Dillon setting die has a two way setting that can be flipped for ball or flat type bullets.
  18. Phunahm

    Phunahm Gunner

    I have all Lee dies never had a problem 45acp ,10mm, 44mag,357mag, 45-70
  19. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    Only thing I don't care for, is the Dillon Sizer, other than that, their dies are really good. I'm not really sure if they worth almost double the cost of the Lee though

    You can get the Lee 4 Die set, yes you'll get Steve's favorite die (the Lee FCD), but it will work just fine, and you'll be able to seat/crimp in separate stations. You'll just have a Lee expander die laying around that you have no use for.

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  20. WI-Guy

    WI-Guy Famly Protector

    Justin: It looks like you slipped that one by the crass fellas amongst us. I really expected a lube comment of some kind from the peanut gallery...:whistling: :embarassed:

    :cool: :wavey: :cool:

  21. You can get the Deluxe 3 Die set and the Lee Crimp die for the same price. No FCD and just a regular Crimp Die.

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