5.56 vs 7.62

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  1. Ok after reading the thread is a battle rifle needed and seeing all the discussion on this topic the thread is based on, I want to post this https://www.pica.army.mil/Picatinny...6mm_Enhanced_Performance_Round, 1960-2010.pdf unfortunately I am not seasoned enough on this forum to be able to post in that forum topic but thought that it would fit in here and this is a topic realted to the thread where the last discussion wasnt. I think that this is a very accurate study stating that there are advantages and disadvatanges to the two calibers. Its a long winded report but worth it!

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  2. Bravo

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    "there are advantages and disadvatanges to the two calibers."

    Well HOLY *****..... This is a Fuc*ing brillant statement !

  3. faawrenchbndr

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    I recently gout out of .223/5.56 all together.
    That upper was replaced with a dedicated .22LR upper for trigger time and plinkin.
    For heavy hitting HD and hunting, I built a 6.8 SPC upper.

    Works for me.................:wavey:

  4. Thank you. I felt it was profound as well! lol but seriously I get tired of reading threads that are ruined by this argument.
  5. Firefox won't let me on your link calls it a Untrusted connection
  6. I would post it to the forum but it is way too long do you have any other browser?
  7. I'm close to doing the same.

    Curse me, cuss me, rant on (to those who have different opinions and can't avoid emotional puking), but the 5.56 is a bad compromise of a cartridge in too many respects.

    I just would like to see 6.8 SPC become more readily available and affordable before making the leap.
  8. As long as you're using it for what it was intended, 5.56, is a great, lethal cartridge.

    Trying to make it do everything, is why it falls short.

    I own 6.8's 5.56's and 7.62's, they're all just tools. Can't blame the tool, for using it for the wrong job.
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    The 6.8 SPC is a great round and one day I will build a gun in that caliber. But for now I am sticking with the 5.56 as it meets my needs and I am heavily invested in that caliber. For example I don't hunt but I do shoot three gun and for that game the 6.8 offers no advantage and has some disadvantages. For real life as a LEO the 5.56's lack of penetration is a good thing during entires and urban leo work. The 6.8 is a better round for the military and rural LEO work.
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  10. faawrenchbndr

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    If I were shooting matches like you are Pat I would have kept a .223 upper.

    The .223/5.56 cartridge is a great round for it's intended purpose, like AK_Stick
    It will actually take small and moderate size game with good shot placement.
    6.8 SPC just suits my needs better than 5.56 and/or 7.62 would.
  11. 5.56 is effective enough (if anything can be effective "enough") for its intended purpose, long range precision shooting, and what it is being used for now, close range combat. It is a compromise (and if someone thinks they can name a round that isn't a compromise, then they don't know the meaning of the word) but it is a good compromise.

    I think that the 6.8 is a good round as well, so is the 300 AAC (or ACC, or whatever the heck it is called) and if you are shooting at closer ranges then they would be very good choices.

    The simple matter is, if you are looking to stop someone from doing bad things to you, punching holes into vital parts of their body is an effective means to that end. Ballistics matter, but so does shot placement and being able to get multiple rounds into the bad guy quickly. If you like the 5.56 and can manage the latter two, then most likely you'll win a gun fight. If you carry a 7.62 x 51 and can't hit anything quickly enough, you're gonna die in a gunfight, and the guy with the rusty beat-up ak47 is gonna get your nice rifle...
  12. Idk if it is good for military the new saying around here is you cant kill your way out of terrorism Iraq was mout afgahnistan not as much but still a little bit, there isnt much to their houses either so a round that goes through 6 mud walls wouldnt be ideal. Also in the report it clarifies that there are only 2 one hit one kill shots. The aortic artery and the brain stem.
  13. in my experience having been to both Iraq and Afghanistan while the Iraq build quality of homes/building is bad and may allow alot of penetration,in Afghanistan most of the mud wall are pretty think and heavy-have stood for many perhaps hundreds of years. would not bet on a 5.56 getting thorough- in fact saw 7.62 defeated by the thick mud wall called kalats
  14. I'd likely stop doing whatever I was previously doing if you shot me with either one, even if you shot me in the foot. I don't think there is too much to worry about for 99.9% of the State-side population when choosing between the two. The exception would be when hunting game that requires .30 caliber or larger by law.
  15. The problem is the taliban are notorious for getting doped up before an attack so pain is more tolerable. (idk why i orignially said invasion)
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  16. The likelihood of my fighting a domestic Taliban invasion, bolstered by pain inhibiting drugs, is such that I do not give it serious weight in determining the worthiness of a caliber for my personal protection or sporting uses. Others' situations may, of course, be different when selecting a personally owned rifle for use in a civilian capacity. Were I for some reason purchasing a personal rifle to be used as a weapon in the armed forces in a conflict abroad, my choice might be different. Thanks!
  17. Taliban ain't the only ones that use drugs before attacking people... just saying.
  18. Sorry I should be more specific in the general aurgument that 5.56 doesnt have enough take down power.... I am saying that neither does the 7.62 unless you pay attention to shot placement one of the 2 places listed in an above post.
  19. faawrenchbndr

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    The 7.62 has plenty of knock down power & shot placement is EVERYTHING!
  20. DerekMK23
    But you got to admit there's alot of difference between 5.56mm SMK OTM's and 7.62x51 Ball! Now I think if they used SMK in 7.62x51 on soft targets you see a big difference in stopping power!:supergrin:

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