5.56 Hog and Deer Rounds

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by TattooedGlock, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Hunted deer with my AR last year and I used Winchester 64gr power points. They performed fine for me. The only thing I'm going to do different this year is get a lower capacity magazine for easier maneuverability in the deer stand.

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  2. The 64 gr. winchester load has worked for me as well.

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    Last year I started considering using one of my AR's for deer hunting - my 24" bolt action .30-06 is a 1/3 MOA gun, and I have complete confidence I can hit anything I aim at, but it is a bear to drag around the thick pine forests that I hunt in. Not to mention the tritium in the ACOG on my AR would be worth its weight in gold during those 30 minutes before sunrise and after sunset. Earlier this evening, after a long day of walking 9+ miles with a muzzle loader (26" barrel), I decided the AR is coming out next weekend for the opening of rifle season purely based on ergonomics, weigh, and sling function. I ordered the 62 grain Federal Fusion (based on my research)...hopefully I can post back soon with a report of how this ammo worked on a whitetail. :)
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  4. I didn't hunt in Deutschland, but I did enjoy the local Wildschwein and Hirsch. Made friends with a Metzger who also owned a Gastaus. He was a big hunter and collector.

    He used to serve a lot of the game he took in his Gasthaus. Typically after dessert he would show me his latest gun purchases. I remember one of his pride and joys was an engraved drilling (forget the calibers) that had cost him around DM 17k circa 1980.

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