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48 hours or less and it's tom tom time

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. I'm putting together my last minute turkey hunt setup.

    shells check
    lube and oil the shotgun check
    rechalk the box callers check
    repel insect repellant check
    pop up panel blind check
    camo tape check
    binoculars check
    headed netting check
    netted gloves check
    re ruff the slates check

    This year should be productive. If I get only one bird, I will be satisfied. the area I'm hunnting at had birds every day of archery with 10-20 yards of my position. I also have a roosting site 200yards away across the clearing.

    My only biggest obstacle is the corn feeder 300 plus yards away on private land that the birds been going to for food.

    Sat AM, it's on cuz .
  2. Broylz


    Jul 17, 2007
    Middle Tennessee
    i too am looking forward to it this year. i had shoulder surgery 2 days before opening day last year so its make up time. our season on the military post runs 28March until 03May for both bow or shotgun. the limit is 4 birds and they are everywhere. plus it doesnt count towards my state tags so i gotta find another place locally. i guess 4 should be good though.

    Good Luck to you.

  3. Will this AM was a successful hunt. A few mins after day break, I had a gobbler behind me gobble. Never seen him, but he was making lot of noise for about 10mins. I heard him fly down off roost but I never seen him. Nor did he gobble any time after that.

    about a 1hour into my hunt, I had some birds callin back over yonder. I never seen them, but I let out some yelps and a few cutts and then kept this up for about 30mins, back and forth we went but they where at least 300 maybe 400yards away.

    Just a little before 09:00AM I had my 1st sighting, it was lone hen walking away from me, I barely caught a glimpse of her black body. And only seen her when the sun shined on her back and the reflect the light off the feathers. I tried toget her attention, but she had her own plans.

    About 10mins later,the action get's better. I had 1 then 2 then 3 and then 4 birds come out of the cover, I could see them and they where about 150yards or more, walking thru the grass and not heading my way. I raised up out of my makeshift blind, and let some loud yelps to get their attentions. And that seem to worked ;)

    magically they, all did a left face turn and slowly one by one, march in. It was like I was singing " oh when the saints , come marching in" ;)

    About 30 yards outside of decoys, they pause to get a better view. And then next, they slowly grazed around the open area behind them, giving me a chance to glass them to see what they where.

    the biggest bird was a Male, with caruncles and nice red head, but I saw no beard :crying: Maybe it felled off.

    The rules allows for a gobbler or beard turkey and I perefer in getting the latter. So I waited. Slowly but surely they walked right into the decoys. It was almost the classic eyeball 2 eyeball ;)

    After 5 mins of this, I decided to take this jake. His beard was visible, small but I wasn't planning up on passing on game. I slowly moved my body to get a better angle and then pull the trigger and one shot ranged true and wreck havoc on a 15lb oseceola at about 20yards.


    A yes I knock a lot of mainbody feathers off him, when he flipped and tossed over.
  4. Here's my spent wad, with the heap of a dead body in the background.


    The bird was maybe 20-25yards way and the wad , was about 7 yards in front of the bird.

    Here's a close up of the beard. Not impressive by any means, but still rewarding for me.

  5. Have you ever wonder what a turkey eats ? Will look into his/her sack of goodies and you can easily find out.


    and upon a closer inspection; we find corn ( a lot's of it ), long balled up grass, and beetle of some type ;)


    Since this bird was taken on public grounds, I would assume the corn was from a nearby feeder, located on private property and the birds are grazing back and forth. I'm still trying to identify the grass type, but I have a hunch it's in the area where we have new green growth.
  6. chevy01234


    Jul 19, 2004
    Hey good job buddy! Congrats on your turkey. I went yesterday morning with a buddy of mine to my farm. We had three birds gobble for about 10 minutes then they went completely silent for the rest of the morning. They are henned up and not interested in gobbling back at you. Had another hunter out there and he said the same thing, he heard one on the opposite end of the farm but it just gobbled a few times and never answered his calls. We saw two hens and had one put on a show! We were agitating her by calling to her and she came in all puffed up and yelping her head off! It was a site to see and i'm not going to lie, got my heart pumping good thinking maybe there was a big ol tom hot on her trail! We watched her for a little while then called it a day around 11:30. I think it'll be a little while before the birds cooperate for us but it sure is fun!

    Congrats again on your bird!
  7. Natty


    Jan 28, 2006
    Congrats on the gobbler.
  8. thanks guys ,here's some more photos.

    In this one, a blurred photo showing where the bird fell in relation of my 2 decoys. The jake decoy is the farthest one. All 4 birds where intermingled with the decoys.


    Now some argue to not use decoys , I find decoys get the bird attention off you. And can even relax the birds. As soon as the lead bird saw my decoys, they raised their heads and then march right in,grazing along the way. if you had no decoys, you would need to accomplish this strictly with calls. As soon as the birds seen the decoys, I hushed all calls and restricted my movements, even tho I'm in a blind made of brush, fallen palms and grass.

    These next 2 photos shows the size of the bird that stay behind after it's friend was shot. Now granted I just fired a single round and even racked my shotgun and this bird stayed after one ran off, and the 3rd bird back off some what but was out of picture but 50yards back.



    The bird paced back and forth and just clut and putt'd very loud the putt putt putt sound is a danger call or attention for any other birds. Soon afters...... they typically run or fly off. This hanged around just putting ( strange )

    This hunt was special one for me since I used 2 handmade calls. One glass and the other aluminum. Along with a HS strut typical slate call plus a box caller that I bought at walmart 2 season back for only 1.99 ;)


    The strikers are birch and oak iirc or maybe purpleheart, I can't remember. I made these about 4 years back from a kit that gave you a choice of soundpot, and you can pick your diameter. The striker handles are solid oak dowels at 3/4" iirc in diameter. The pot on the left is african zebra wood and the one on the right is purple heart. I have a matching knife handle I'm working on for the last 6 years that was suppose to go with the zebrawood. One day, I will finish it

    If you hunt thick cover during early morning, your sure to run into dew and leftover water on the trees tops. As the wind picks up this moisture falls on your and your gear. If you have anything that's slate, it's an instant "killer" of sound.

    With a glass caller ruff'd up and aluminum, are almost immune to this. And only need a quick wipe down and then you continue on.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2009
  9. Here's it bread. Which are typically a string of hairlike feathers that stick off the front of the breast. Bucks have antlers and Toms and even Hens have beards.


    Not long by any means, nor is the longest one that I've taken in my past hunts. But still I'm happy to have a bird in a cooler on ice.